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We welcome you always to show your interest to write for Companies List, we always greet you to make your voice on the community of the best companies that we have made here.

But we work to be the best and these make us selective, so as you send your blog or article with us, we insist you check our guidelines to become our guest contributor.

The audience we admire to have with us

We are working to help the best IT companies and their service seekers, we admire an audience who are interested in developing an app, software, website, marketing, or eCommerce platform. Basically, they must be businessmen, venture-funded start-ups, or some owners of established companies or enterprises. Your blog or guest post should help us as well as our audience to get more about us.

We want to clear you up that we generally ignore topics that are already existing in huge numbers on the web. We welcome new concepts, strategies, tips, and tactics that help our readers to get in the right direction.

Categories you can elect to give your words

You can check our ‘Service Categories’ and ‘Software Categories’ sections that are listed on our website, we generally accept all the articles that are framed on our enlisted services and software categories, or writers can also select from the sub-categories to write more.

Guidelines You Can Check Before Pursuing the Writing:

  • We accept any content material that is 100% unique and doesn’t take out from any other publications.
  • It should be plagiarism-free, which means it should not be taken from anywhere even after you have changed some phrases or words in it.
  • The content should comprise at least 1000 words, there is no limitation to exceed them, it should also contain relevant images along with some outbound links that can help to generate the readers’ interest, but make sure that you are not using any kind of irrelevant hyperlinks.
  • It is also mandatory to note that the article should be written in third-person.
  • The guest post needs to be well-structured, proofread, and does not comprise any grammar mistakes.
  • The write-up should not be promotional, you do not advertise your business or services in the content to post it on the Companies List, make sure that you are not adding any link within the writing and nor the name of your organization.
  • We like to know about our writer, so it is requested to add a square headshot along with an author bio of around 350 words with a banner image of size 700 X 390 attached to the article.
  • The image selected in the article should be from the public collection on the internet or it can be originally designed by your organization.
  • We prefer the article submission in a word document, you can send images as an attachment with it.
  • It is advisable to check everything again before submitting the post, the post can not be edited or deleted once it is live.
  • Make sure that, if the editor’s team is rejecting your article three times, any of the articles will not be taken into consideration from the concerned company for the next 5 months, so it is advised to check the error before submitting the article.

Editorial Process:

We check each of the topics and connect within 7 working days, if you do not respond to our request, it seems that our article is not the right fit for our audience.

We own the right to remove the links and edit the content for proper readability before final publication. We have a specific team who review each post and adjust formatting according to the needs, while they reject the heavy editing posts.

How Do Companies List Help You With?

We provide you a byline with your photograph, biography, and a backlink so that the readers can get more about your work.

You can also promote your article on our social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and if your article is excellent, we even share it in our newsletter.

So get your blogs, guest posts, and articles published on Companies List, you can directly send it to us on our mail Id [email protected]