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Research Process

Attributes of our Research Process

Companies List pioneering research process is meant to help service seekers identify appropriate companies that can meet their business requirements.

With our one-of-its-kind research process, that comprises of three vital evaluation criteria viz. Quality, Reliability, and Ability, we have successfully simplified the activity for service seekers.

With the help of our core research methodology, that comprises of the aforementioned research mapping dimensions, we measure each service provider that either fall in Market Leader segment or Emerging Leader segment. Each provider is scored from 1 to 10 on a total of 6 metrics and these values are rolled­up to the the related evaluation criteria. The ultimate value is determined out of 30 which fall into our already specified research measures that are Excellent, Very good, Good, Average & Poor.

Companies List has done thorough analysis and evaluation of all the companies listed herein based upon three vital criteria viz. Quality, Reliability and Ability. However, the initial research is based on primary and secondary research work, conducted in-house, and through data available from various sources, true to our understanding and knowledge. All the research and evaluations henceforth will be based upon the reviews as submitted.


Companies List pioneering research process is meant to help service seekers identify appropriate companies that can meet their business requirements.

We determine the Quality of the software company by gathering the most accurate inputs from their clients. These inputs or feedback gathered from the clients play a critical role in determining the ability of the respective company to deliver Quality services, and ability to meet prescribed deadlines.
We evaluate the client’s portfolio and the types of projects they have accomplished for their clients. Evaluation of the portfolios also includes determining the clients and their characteristics. The portfolio along with the case studies helps us decide the company's ability to handle various levels of complexity. Also, these elements help us to decide whether the company has been standing true to its prescribed service strategy.


Our Reliability criteria deals with two vital metrics viz. Market Penetration & Experience of the respective Software companies.

Market Penetration
We evaluate the company’s Market Penetration by studying their level of professionalism across their corporate website. The company is scrutinized for its Reliability based on predefined questions that are focused on elements like the authenticity of its Market Presence, Social Media Presence & Accolades earned.
A lot many factors are taken into account while determining the depth and breadth of a company’s experience. Along with the Portfolio & case studies that helps us to determine the proximity of ease in delivering a project, we also determine what kind of projects the company has delivered.


Our Ability criteria is put to work while considering two critical metrics viz. App Development & App Design.

App Development
We examine the service provider’s proficiency in dealing with and deploying technical aspects of app development in order to accomplish successful end results.
App Design
The company is thoroughly examined for its competency in dealing with app designing aspects and how efficiently it has been dealing with the same till now.