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Privacy Policy

At Companies List, we are committed and dedicated to providing you with privacy along with protecting your personally identifiable information, we at companies list describes how it uses the information it collects for its research purposes, we collect the information from the website, follow surveys including online and offline, and obviously from the third party. We must insist you read the privacy policy deliberately. We have denoted words like ‘you’ and ‘users’ for visitors who visit the site or use any of its services. We may also want to inform you that when you visit Companies List, you or pretend to use any of its services, you look clear to use the collection and disclosure of the information it has about you in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

What is the Companies List?

Companies List is dedicated to providing you the best IT companies, where we work and perform quality research support for both buyers and sellers of service providers in the industry. Companies List provides a categorized directory, authoritative research, evaluated content and resources based on its several online and offline capabilities, we are committed to offering the clients to be the most effective and take most informed decisions and seizing opportunities.

We seek the companies who are looking for good clients to have their apps developed and built, we aid the companies after evaluations, client reviews and also apply several methodologies to bring the companies and service seekers together on the same portal through the user accounts and by sharing required information according to the needs.

What Information does Companies List Collect?

We at Companies List collect information about the companies and their services after performing inquiry and research methodologies. We at Companies List, select only the relevant companies, and list them after proper appropriation. The companies who are interested to take part in the research provide the necessary information, testimonials, and reviews about other companies too. The companies that choose to select Companies List requires to create user accounts and user profiles on a mandatory basis. We will just ask you to share your credit card details only when you purchase any of its services.

Companies List may collect your information with different online and offline channels, it can be via website, through Registration forms, user log-ins, emails, in person, over the phone, through internal and third-party web-based survey tools. The information we collect in general that includes but is not listed to the name, mailing address, email address, telephone numbers, gender, date of birth, occupation, education, and several other similar demographic details.

At Companies List, we use website analytics services like Google Analytics to collect data. We use cookies, most browsers accept cookies automatically by levant. When you visit Companies List, you eventually agree to the placements of cookies in his browser in agreement with Companies List Privacy Policy. When you visit Companies List website, it automatically collects all the information in regards to the timing of your visit, IP address, the pages you are checking, the links you are clicking on, OS you are using, the browser you use, and even the device you use to check the website and the screen resolution of that device.

Use of Information

We at Companies List totally respect your privacy and thus when you visit our website and log your information for administrative, and research processes. We collect IP addresses and other information that helps it create user profiles. The user profile helps in predicting the user behavior that helps, we at Companies List tries to make a user-friendly experience when you visit our website. Information related today, date, and time of users’ visits that Companies List in scheduling its maintenance tasks and it enables it to use its prime time well. We track things like navigation, pages you visit, the time you have spent on the site, and the things in which you are interested in downloads.

We want to inform you that your personal information will be stored protected and we will make you informed and obtain your views of Companies List Services and activities. It is also for statutory and regulatory compliance and for processing for inquiries raised with respect to your dealings with Companies List.

The reviews and testimonials received for IT companies and developers listed with us may be posted by the Companies List on the website. Testimonials contain the name of the provider along with the company’s name associated with it and any other suitable information that is provided with us.

We use cookies to identify and your interests, they are used to track the way you use the site, at Companies LIst we use cookies to analyze the engagement and the process and requests you make.

Disclosure of Information

Companies List takes and shall take reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized or accidental disclosure of your personally identifiable information. Companies List will never wittingly suffer or disclose any of your personal information to third parties with the consent of aspects.

Companies list provides access to the personally-identifiable information to the third-party vendors engaged by it only when such vendor first agrees on maintaining the strict confidentiality of such information and agrees to provide the same level of data security by as Companies List, Companies List will capitulate the user’s personal information to get affected with the parties and legal authorities, if presented with a court order as required and permitted by the laws, rules, and regulations of any applicable jurisdiction in furtherance of potential or on-going legal proceedings.

Information related to delete or unsubscribe or change

We provide you the right to deactivate or delete the account from Companies List, it is subject to our records retention policies and applicable law, including any statutory needs. You are well within your rights to control, correct, update, or delete any information you submit to the site. With all this, please note that the company profile will not be deleted once to include even a single review. This is not possible as we cannot delete the information provided by the other parties. Meanwhile, you have the right to unsubscribe Companies List from the mailing lists, registrations if you are not interested in the updates, direct mailers, and newsletters. You can directly contact the Companies List to unsubscribe the information.

As discussed, Companies List can use cookies if they find it necessary for its services or where it has the user’s implied consent to do so. The visitors on the site can check, and even can delete or block the cookies by following the right settings in browsers and with the use of correct tools.

If you are in any relation to the information provided on the Companies List website in any manner, in case if you do so, you should refrain from using the website. You can also write to us in case you are anxious about any review or testimonial.

Data Security

Companies list takes and implements the common standards of technology with operational security to protect your information from unauthorized access, use, or loss in the transmission process. We own both online and offline safeguards that place to prevent misuse, destruction, and alteration of information. Only authorized employees and vendors of Companies list are allowed to access the personally identifiable information. We check the systems on a daily routine to check potential and harmful attacks. And it is always advised to keep your login information safe and secure in any terms.

Data Retention

We keep the best data with us that has been gathered and evaluated strategically, we keep you all the information when you create a user account with us, it is legal and regulatory in every term, and we are obliged to keep the information with us even when you have closed your account, this is to resolve disputes, to prevent the frauds, and to just as a part of our data backup process.

Video Review Guidelines

The reviewer of the video can avail of the benefits of an incentive for at most 5 reviews.

Notification of changes

If you are visiting the Companies List, you are obliged with the collection, use, and storage of your information by the Companies List in the manner described in this privacy policy and everywhere else. Companies List owns the right to change, modify, or add portions of the Privacy Policy when required.

If you have any questions about Companies List Privacy Policy, or you are in need of any assistance to navigate the site, you can directly contact us at any time and we will appreciate your efforts.