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Companies list is a dissident research and assessment platform that especially helps software patrons and who simultaneously wants software services, along with this, this companies list also helps IT companies and software vendors to increase their accession, market value, and their brand visibility. Companies list is an attentive network to get the best companies as well as software solutions.

Yes, companies list is absolutely free to use and search the best software companies for various domains, here you almost get all types of services like the mobile app, software, web, eCommerce, blockchain, Intelligence, and more, the companies listed here can definitely fit your needs and your budget.

Companies list has enlisted categories of almost all the services and software, it covers verified reviews, and follows a proper survey and research to provide companies a good platform, we follow unique research and evaluation methods to check the companies quality, dependable, and capable services. Our evaluation methodology makes us the coffer of the world’s best, efficient, and best IT companies and software solutions. We are proudly one of the best platforms for companies and software products to display their talent and results on a worldwide platform.

At Companies list, we only enlist top companies who are excellent in providing their services and software. We provide them ranking on our website followed by a deep evaluation method through which we check their ability to be ranked on our platform. The service seeker can check verified reviews, evaluation methodology used to rank the companies, they also can compare prices of different companies for services or products they are looking for. So checking for wanting services here helps in the reduction of tasks to find and research for a good company for their business.

Companies list is one of the best platforms which can provide you with all the online service/software seekers by combining the potential web traffic providers. We at companies list focuses to fill the gap between the potential clients and the software companies, so the best IT companies can also reach us to get registered with companies list in order to get known by the right audience and potential clients and we will guarantee you to provide you massive leads for your business.

There are various things that make companies list different from various other listing platforms, like:

  • Our prices are slightly low as compared to other competitors, we charge prices for category wise selection and not for per web page.
  • We follow a short review process as compared to the competitors.
  • In order to collect reviews, we directly contact the company’s former or existing clients to get an idea about their experience.
  • We provide a separate section to showcase the company’s certifications.

In simple words, we can say that ‘Get Listed’ means getting yourself registered with our companies list, you can do this by simply clicking on the button available on the homepage, it will directly take you to the registration page.

We allow all the IT companies and their services to get listed on the companies list, some of them are:

Web Development

  • ECommerce Development
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO services
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • App Designing
  • Web Designing
  • Big Data & BI
  • IoT Development
  • AR & VR Development
  • Testing Services
  • Cloud Computing Services

The categories of software solutions in the following ways:

  • App Development
  • Inventory Management
  • ERP
  • CRM
  • SEO
  • Accounting Software
  • Data Visualization
  • ECommerce
  • Order Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Shipping
  • Marketing Automation

We provide all the services to get listed on our companies’ list. So if you are looking to get your company listed on a good platform, do it now!

The companies that got higher positions in our ‘Directory’ are kept and preserved for the sponsors and with the featured partners. We work to offer an unbiased and equal chance to the companies to get in higher ranks in our listings. In order to get on top rankings, the companies will need to get more positive reviews at companies list which will increase the value of their company. The visitors at companies list their own little patience and look for the best and perfect company in a very short time, and the companies which are at the top of the companies list grabs more attention than others which undoubtedly increases their web traffic.

The best way to improve your company’s rank in the Directory is to complete the profile at Companies list, there are various factors that are associated with the companies list to access the bright side of your company, our three main aspects to list the companies includes:

  • Quality- We check the quality by reviewing the portfolios, case studies, and client reviews.
  • Reliability- We access reliability through market penetration and experience.
  • Ability- We overview the abilities of the company with prospects of design, development, and marketing services.

If a company is tremendous in the above factors than we can positively acclaim you to provide the best rank organically in the Directory as well as in Research listings in our Companies List, so it is important for you to update your portfolio, get genuine feedback from the clients, providing an excellent experience to clients in the market and this way you can definitely get good rankings in Companies List.

It is simple to become a featured partner with Companies List, you just need to follow this simple procedure which includes:

  • Just land at the Media kit page at Companies list.
  • Select a suitable badge type and size from the list.
  • Use the code generated from the link along with your badge on the website.
  • Use the badge on the footer of your website.
  • Check the badge if it is clickable and integrated with the URL.

The URL will redirect to the corresponding page on getting clicked, after this, you need to notify our marketing strategies on our Companies list URL, this way your company’s profile will get upgraded and your logo will get highlighted in our Featured Partners’ page. As simple as this to become our Featured Partner.

Both the profile have a different way to get claims in the companies list;

To make your company/software profile in full control; you just need to ask for some of the credentials by emailing on the companies’ list authorized email id, and after this, the concerned manager will assist you with the further process. But make sure that you are using the right email ID to make it happen for people.

This kind of situation occurs several times in which a new member of the organization takes control of your Companies list profile and then you just need to change the username and password to move things in their new personnel. In these types of cases, you just simply need to mail us at our mail ID and our concerned manager will perform it all for you, but make sure that you are making the request from a domain registered email id.

The answer to this depends if there has been client engagement with your profile like if you are receiving verified reviews for your reviews, then we are obliged to keep the profile in the display being research and review firm. But if your profile has been inactive for a long period of time, you can simply contact us or write to us about your experience and your wish to remove your company from our companies list, and we promise that you will never need to do this, as you obviously get a good response from our site.

It is quite simple to get reviews added on companies list profiles by your client, we have a separate section naming ‘Write a Review Section’ where your client can fill the details with his experience in the form of rating and review. After the submission of the review, an autonomous account of the clients will be created on the Companies List, where the client can stay updated with the reviews for the concerned company or software.If you want to make a better approach for review from a client, you just need to login to the companies list account, the dashboard, and the main menu will be clearly visible to the left side. Click on ‘Reviews’ check the related functions on the right side of the screen. There is a clear button on the top right corner depicting ‘Send Review Request’, so by just clicking the button you just sent a formal request via email to get your work done!

Yes, these reviews are assured in a positive way, if the reviews are totally given in a genuine way from the client, likewise, authentic reviews work more positively for your client to gain knowledge about the method and executions of your projects, with this your powerful site will get visible to the genuine customers in the market, with all these, we at Companies list also evaluate and rank your website with the above methodology for reviews.

We have a specific team that checks and verifies each of the reviews added on the Companies List, the most common way to identify them is to verify their LinkedIn profile. After checking all the things on every aspect like social and professional presence online we publish the reviews on the company’s profile in our Companies List.

While this is not so genuine case, almost all the professional person own a LinkedIn account, but in any case if it happens, then you can ask your client to send the reviews and ratings directly on the Companies List mail id, and in absence of LinkedIn presence it is requested from your client to send their other social profiles. Our client manager then checks and forwards the review to the specific research team, and there they can verify it to publish it on the profile of your company at Companies List.

Of course, there is a separate section named ‘Published Review’ section for your company account in Companies List, so you just need a client on the ‘Add Response” and you can reply on your own terms to your client.

You just need to check the issue for which the client has added a negative review and after this, you need to provide a thorough explanation in the response of the review.

After this, you need to make sure that you and your team have putten their utmost efforts towards the project and you are confident that there is no mistake from your side then you just need to mail us your explanation with the logical proof that claims that the review is incorrect. We make sure to provide you full support and our research team will resolve this matter, we will also investigate the details and check with the reviewer to explain this negative review, and if everything will come to your side then the negative review will definitely get removed.

Companies List is one of the leading platforms that provide the best companies after following a deep research process, we follow three criteria to evaluate the companies, these are, Quality, Reliability, and Ability that the companies provide to their clients, we have proper evaluation methodology which includes reviews, portfolio, market penetration, experience, design, development, and marketing service. The research process depends upon various factors after collecting data from various sources with consistent knowledge that our research team owns. After following this we have ranked the companies according to their capabilities on the reviews received for their work.

There are several points which are followed in the research, some of them are:

  • In-house research to list the companies.
  • We follow algorithm-based research to evaluate the company’s worth in the market.
  • We optimize a one-to-one research process to authenticate the reviews received by the companies and for the software solutions.
  • Our team has performed research on current trends and tactics that are needed to be followed by IT domains to help businesses with it.
  • We have performed survey-based research to provide the exact statistics on the market to the service providers to see.

Of course, we only have selected and ranked the best companies and we try to know each and everything about their company, we conduct surveys on among all the topics like eCommerce app, web design, SEO trends, mobile app development, etc. along with this, we also check best tools, current Priceline latest techniques, and several other things. This way we make sure to get the best list of companies who are using the latest and updated technologies.

At Companies List, we focus to be the best research and review platform for IT companies who provide you the best services and software solutions, we at Companies List work to fill the gap between the top development, designing, and software product companies and the clients who want them. We do it all after a long research process to save your time and money as we proudly can say you will get the best list of companies which are verified in every aspect like reviews and ratings. This way the users can get the best company for any of their projects.

No, we just connect you with the best companies by ranking them on our website and after this, the whole of the working relies on you, we never interfere between two parties, and we also never track or follow-up with the clients, we are only dedicated to providing you the best list of IT companies, so that you can the desired company in any prospect.

At Companies List, we provide equal opportunities for all categories of IT companies, the capable companies get higher position in our ‘Directory List’ on which a number of visitors visit daily who are looking to outsource IT services, we know that there are specific budgets associated with the requirements and thus we enlist companies which are best in every prospect that is from working to pricing and we also offer sponsorship to companies within reasonable cost, so that the companies can boost their performance in every way and the seekers can get them in much faster place.

For this, you just have to check the pricing chart on the activation sponsorship pricing page, the pricing for this differs from the category of service page you select to place your company, and we can assure you that we are very clear with our pricing and always try to make it affordable for companies.