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Web Development

Top Website Development Companies

Have you been looking for the best web development agencies? Without a doubt, you will need the services of top web development companies for boosting your brand’s online presence. However, you may find it tedious to pick the right website development company, given the plethora of contenders available in the market. 

We, at Companies list, aim to make the task of finding the apt web development firm easier for you! We have located the most reliable and skilled web development service providers, and you will surely be able to find the contenders matching your brand requirements. Explore our list of web development agencies to find the most suitable one


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Website Drona (Website Design Development and Digital Marketing Company)
Review | 0 Video Review

Grow your business with one of the best website designing and digital marketing company in India offering SEO, SMM, PPC, and ORM. Get a Custom Website Optimized for SEO and Mobile, too. Take advantage of Website Drona Innovative Web Development Services for a Digital Experience that Engages Visitors.

  • $25 - $49
  • 50 - 249
  • 2009
  • , India
Urvam Technologies (Best Web Designing & Web Development Company)
Review | 0 Video Review

We provide our clients with a complete web design solution and can provide logo designs, brand taglines, corporate stationary such as folder design, brochure and business cards along with providing them their online website. Our portfolio comprises of various custom web designs delivered for all type of business and personnel needs like tour & travel agencies, lawyers, doctors, airlines, actor...

  • $25 - $49
  • 10 - 49
  • 2017
  • Ahmedabad, India
Top Developers (Find the right Mobile and Web Development Companies here!)
Review | 0 Video Review

At TopDevelopers, we render the top quality services to provide our guests the complete web and mobile app development company for their companies to explore and grow. The listing that we produce is a decision of core analysis and research and the gauging of the organizations is based on diversified models and metrics. The great metrics will help the companies and the users to choose the most suit...

  • $50 - $99
  • 10 - 49
  • 2018
  • miami, United States
WebMob Technologies (We build your ideas blended with latest technologies, innovation & finest #quality)
Review | 0 Video Review

WebMobTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a reliable and proven tech partner developing custom Mobile & Web App solutions and provides end-to-end IT services to Startups, mid-sized organizations, and enterprises. Core Competency: - Fintech - Proptech & Real Estate - Healthcare and Fitness - Ecommerce & Market Place - OnDemand Apps - Video Streaming - Entertainment - Social Media New Technolo...

  • NA
  • 50 - 249
  • 2010
  • Ahmedabad, India
Vonnda (A Digital Agency In San Francisco, CA)
Review | 0 Video Review

More than just a Web Agency. Long-term partnerships. A singular focus on your goals. Yes, Vonnda is a web agency based in San Francisco. Yes, we create smart digital strategies, design beautiful websites and develop web solutions that are fast, reliable and secure. Yes, we build and maintain ecommerce websites for clients of all sizes that drive tangible growth. But we work hard to be mor...

  • $150 - $199
  • 10 - 49
  • 2010
  • San Francisco, United States
Spotfin Creative (A digital partner for your brand.)
Review | 0 Video Review

We partner with brands to design meaningful digital experiences. Our project capabilities include strategy, design, development, and support.

  • $100 - $149
  • 2 - 9
  • 2010
  • Baltimore, United States
Soda Web Media LLC. (Your one-stop shop for professional website design)
Review | 0 Video Review

We design and develop digital products and online experiences that help our clients grow, innovate, and transform. We listen, learn, and understand before we build. We identify your goals together, then use our expertise to find that sweet spot of realistic and impactful.

  • $100 - $149
  • 2 - 9
  • 2017
  • Atlanta, United States
Zero Negative Software (Quality-focused web & mobile apps on a budget.)
Review | 0 Video Review

Zero Negative is Boston's premier software development, online marketing, and web technology solutions provider for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Founded by a native Bostonian, we offer a unique and bespoke approach to software development. Our Core Points of Emphasis High Quality Solutions. Quality is paramount. Every solution and service we deliver goes through...

  • $50 - $99
  • 2 - 9
  • 2014
  • Boston, United States
Simublade (Take your product above and beyond 🚀)
Review | 0 Video Review

At Simublade we develop impactful, game-changing products by being product obsessed, collaboration driven and mission-focused. We work with companies of all sizes and industries to further your current product goals or engineer something together from the ground up.   Our Team We are a team of dreamers, explorers and creators passionate about crafting human-centered digital experienc...

  • $50 - $99
  • 10 - 49
  • 2014
  • Houston, United States
SumatoSoft (Reveal Your Business Potential)
Review | 0 Video Review

Focusing on business needs and goals, SumatoSoft ensures full processes transparency & flexibility to deliver value to the clients through software development. We see the big picture, leverage the expertise and extensive experience to provide clients with end-to-end technological web, mobile and IoT solutions. Since 2012, we have delivered compelling products for such companies as Toyot...

  • $25 - $49
  • 10 - 49
  • 2012
  • minsk, belarus
SaM Solutions (Software Development and IT Consulting)
Review | 0 Video Review

SaM Solutions focuses on IT consulting and custom software engineering services. We serve global international organizations, as well as private companies, delivering technology excellence, quicker time-to-market, uncompromised quality and security of software applications. The geographical presence of SaM Solutions covers the USA, Germany, the Netherlands and countries in Eastern Europe &nd...

  • $50 - $99
  • 250 - 999
  • 1993
  • minsk, belarus
Seven Hills Technology (Solving Problems with Software and Technology)
Review | 0 Video Review

We build web and mobile applications for customers looking to grow their business with software and technology. Our unique ability to learn our clients business and understand their goals and challenges is what makes us the right partner to build your application and help you grow with technology.

  • $100 - $149
  • 10 - 49
  • 2015
  • cincinnati, United States
SoluLab (Blockchain | Mobile Apps | Web | IoT | AI & Bot)
Review | 0 Video Review

One of the top blockchain development companies with over 50M+ active users for their apps and an industry-competitve 97% customer success score. SoluLab has partnered with Fortune 500 enterprises to high-growth startups including Walt Disney, Goldman Sachs, Mercedez Benz, University of Cambridge, Georgia Tech, and more. Led by management leaders from Goldman Sachs and Citrix, So...

  • $25 - $49
  • 50 - 249
  • 2014
  • dubai, United Arab Emirates
Salmon (Shaping Future Commerce)
Review | 0 Video Review

Salmon is a global digital commerce consultancy that defines and delivers market-changing e-commerce solutions and customer journeys for the world’s leading brands. Founded in 1989, with offices in London, Amsterdam, New Delhi, Beijing, and Melbourne, we have over 700 experts in multichannel commerce, shaping client platforms that drive €7.4 billion in revenue annually across retail, di...

  • $150 - $199
  • 250 - 999
  • 1999
  • Melbourne, Australia
WeDoWebApps (We expand your internet reach)
Review | 0 Video Review

WeDoWebApps offer immaculately charismatic services in the global domains relating to IT services and real business solutions. As an IT services provider, the organization strives to deliver graphics, wireframe design, prototyping, website design and development, mobile applications development, UX/UI, SEO for corporate clients or individual seeking high-end professional and trustworthy sites...

  • $25 - $49
  • 10 - 49
  • 2015
  • Melbourne, Australia

Web Development

Countless people have been prompted by the Internet revolution to do online research and comparisons of service providers and products before making a purchasing choice. Businesses have been compelled to have a strong internet presence as a result of this. A professionally built website that is staggeringly pleasing, easy to access, and secure is the best method to do this.


What is Web Development?

Web development is the process of creating and maintaining websites; it's the labor that goes on behind the scenes to make a website seem good, operate quickly, and provide a consistent user experience.


Web developers, sometimes known as "devs," do this by employing a number of coding languages. The languages they utilize are determined by the jobs they're performing and the platforms they're using.


Web development talents are in tremendous need and well-compensated all across the world, making it an excellent career choice. It is one of the most easily accessible higher-paying industries because it does not require a typical university degree.


Web development may be divided into two categories:


  • Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, a front-end developer takes care of layout, design, and interaction. They take a concept from the drawing board and bring it to life. The front-end developer, who creates a sequence of programs to tie and arrange the elements, make them appear attractive, and add interactivity, is responsible for what you see and use, such as the visual aspect of the website, the drop-down menus, and the text. These programs are accessed using a web browser.
  • What happens behind the scenes is engineered by the backend developer. This is where the data is kept, and without it, the front end would be useless. The server that hosts the website, an application to operate it and a database to store the data make up the backend of the web. Backend developers employ computer programs to guarantee that the server, application, and database all work together smoothly. This sort of developer must assess a company's requirements and offer cost-effective programming solutions. They employ a number of server-side languages, including PHP, Ruby, Python, and Java, to accomplish all of this incredible work.
  • Full Stack: Full Stack web development combines front-end and back-end web development into one package. Full-stack engineers are capable of handling the web application's front end, back end, databases, servers, systems engineering, and debugging.

A full-stack developer must be proficient in front-end and back-end languages, as well as web development frameworks, as well as, have a basic understanding of algorithms, database and server technologies, and basic design skills. The following are the most prominent stacks:

  • MERN Stack: MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, and Node.js
  • Rails or Ruby on Rails: Uses Ruby, PHP, and MySQL.
  • Django Stack: Django, Python, and MySQL as Database.
  • MEAN Stack: MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js.
  • LAMP Stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.


What Exactly Is A Web Development Firms?

A web development company is a firm that creates bespoke websites, applications, private networks, and digital services with the functional requirements that businesses require to succeed online.

The following are some of the specialists who work on website development projects:


  • IT Specialists 
  • Project Managers
  • Developers that work on the front end
  • Developers who work on the backend
  • Web designers
  • Specialists in Security
  • QA Testers
  • App Developers
  • System Administrators

The team collaborates and organizes the project to ensure that the finished result meets the client's requirements.



What Is the Importance of Websites in Business?

You can promote your business online if you have an online presence and a website.

When looking for suppliers or making a purchase in today's world, people resort to the internet.

A large majority of corporate purchase decisions begin with a website search on a search engine.

Simply said, if you don't have a website, you're only selling to 7% of your potential customers. Customers expect respectable businesses to have a presence on the internet.

If you want to stay relevant in a competitive industry, you must have a website for your company.

This is where web development firms come in.

These firms assist you in increasing brand recognition, improving your business image, attracting more prospects, and increasing sales by providing you with a fully working website.

A Brief Overview Of Web Development services

Because of the fast expansion of the Internet, websites have gotten increasingly sophisticated, requiring web developers to become far more adaptable in their programming.

Web developers can now deliver customized and immersive web experiences that are tailored to the requirements and desires of users thanks to the advancement of web technology and the growth of web design.

Web development as we know it now began in the early 1990s with the establishment of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), which is still the foundation of every web page developed today.

These are the primary web development technologies used to make websites, despite the fact that it is an exceptionally fast-growing subject with new trends and frameworks constantly emerging:

  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • HTML

Because of the rapid increase of mobile usage and eCommerce, responsive, mobile-first development has become the standard approach.

Nowadays, user experience is the driving force behind all new websites, since users demand a consistent experience regardless of the platform they use to visit the site.

As a byproduct, web developers should now follow best practices in software development and UI design.

As a result, web development agencies have grown from providing basic development services to delivering a wide range of mobile-focused services including mobile, eCommerce, and application development.

What does a website development company specialize in?

Top website development companies are experts at creating, developing, and launching high-quality websites, as well as keeping them running smoothly.


These businesses usually focus on:

  • Website design
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Website development
  • Software development
  • Platform-focused or platform-agnostic development
  • E-commerce design & development
  • Technical SEO optimization
  • Website maintenance & support

What's the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?

The phrases "website development" and "web design" are nearly identical in today's technological world. The services provided by web design and development service providers, on the other hand, are two completely distinct aspects of the website-building process. To improve the site's aesthetic and operation, web designers and web developers must have specialized skills.


Web Design: Top web designers use Adobe Photoshop, Coreldraw, Dreamweaver, Frontpage, and other design software to create the layout and usability of a website. Their major goal is to create a visually appealing site by focusing on button placement, font style and color palette, visual and navigational consistency, and so on.


Web Development: To construct a fully functional website, web app developers use programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Java, Ruby,.NET, and others to build the two main structural components of a site - client and server sides. They're also in charge of coding the site's UI/UX elements, which include dashboards, activity logs, alerts, payment gateways, and more.


Web developers and web designers collaborate to create personalized websites, yet their duties are extremely different.


The function of a web designer is more akin to graphic design than coding. In tools like Photoshop, these experts add aesthetic features to the wireframes as static pictures.


After the designs have been approved, they are forwarded to web developers, who create code to implement each feature and capability.


Front-end developers write code in HTML and CSS, among other computer languages. Visitors to your website will see the code they write.


Back-end developers use.NET, PHP, or JAVA as their programming languages. They offer programming that links the frontend to the database.

Web developers take a rational approach to site construction, but web designers embrace the creative notion. At an additional expense, several web development service providers give acceptable design options to improve the appearance of the site. Nonetheless, in order to build a memorable website, marketers must place equal emphasis on employing top web design firms.

What Are the Advantages of Having a Business Website?

  • Greater Exposure: A well-designed website may assist a company in attracting and retaining more customers. Because the site is accessible 24 * 7, 365 days a year, it serves as a corporate advocate for potential even when they are not in the office. Customers from all around the world may connect with the company, transcending any geographical barriers.
  • The credibility of the brand: First impressions matter! A website that is speedy, responsive, and responds to customer questions quickly improves the company's reputation. The site's professional look also distinguishes the business from its competitors. Furthermore, shoppers are more likely to trust brands that have a website than labels that do not!
  • Produces Measurable Results: A website allows you to measure the number of visitors as well as their precise location, giving you insight into the target demographics. It also assists you in determining the conversion rate by calculating the ratio between the number of questions received and the entire volume of traffic. Businesses may use this data to create a variety of sales methods.

Aside from the aforementioned advantages, different types of websites serve different functions depending on the product and target audience. A brand must have a strong digital presence to correctly attain these benefits. The best web development companies can assist you in making this work easier!


What Are The Various Types Of Web Development services?

There are a number of different methods to classify web development firms in the United States.


The first step is to assess the specific services they offer:


Web development-only firms specialize almost solely on web development services such as website development, website design, software development, WordPress website design, and eCommerce development.


Mixed service firms provide a wide range of web development services as well as marketing services including branding, online marketing, Pay - per - click, SEO, content marketing, copywriting, and more.


Full-stack firms may have started with website development but have now expanded to include services such as outsourced software development, offshore software development, blockchain development, PHP development, and.NET development, among others.


Full-service eCommerce firms offer full-service eCommerce development, from development and design to marketing and SEO, as well as consultancy.


Second, these firms may be classified according to the platforms they specialize in:


Businesses that specialize in leveraging the most popular platform, CMS, to construct a bespoke website or change a template while creating a client-friendly backend are known as WordPress development companies.


Drupal development companies: Drupal-focused developers may change a template or create bespoke modules on the platform, as well as give an intuitive backend.


Magento development companies: Magento web developers specialize in creating, managing, and expanding online stores built on the feature-rich eCommerce platform, as well as offering technical SEO optimization.


Shopify development companies: These firms specialize in Shopify website development, including the creation of e-stores and assuring their performance and functioning, as well as maintenance and support.


Ruby on Rails companies: Companies that specialize in designing, testing, and managing bespoke platforms built with Ruby on Rails, a server-side online application framework.


Platform-agnostic agencies: These web developers take into account each client's specific needs when determining the ideal platform for their organization.


Finally, some businesses prefer to focus on a few distinct verticals, the most prominent of which are:


  • Fintech
  • Healthcare 
  • Insurance
  • Retail 

Why Should You Hire Top Web Development companies?

  • Saves Time and Money: The finest web development businesses provide services that save time and money. Expert web application development firms are well-versed in the design of CSS, HTML, and other web development languages, allowing them to better apply the concept. Furthermore, hiring web developers is more cost-effective than forming an in-house team since it avoids unnecessary infrastructure and employee costs.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A website’s performance is determined by its visibility among potential customers. A website that ranks higher in search engine result pages has a larger chance of generating visitors than its industry competitors. Search engine optimization determines its achievement. To guarantee that the site is SEO friendly, the experienced web developers for hire use the appropriate set of web development tools.
  • Website Compatibility:  Prospects like to visit websites that are accessible across several browsers. The top web application development firms guarantee that the website is user-friendly by making it compatible with a variety of browsers and devices. Web development framework experts may employ a variety of testing methods to assure site cross-browser compatibility.
  • Competitiveness: A competent web development team keeps up with shifting industry trends and technology. They can simply create a platform that keeps competitive enterprises on their toes. The best web development companies also make sure that the website is engaging to visitors and has simple functioning.
  • Support: After the website has gone online, it may experience some unavoidable hiccups. To address this, most web development firms provide additional help both during and after the site's creation. Whether the web pages' design or structure has to be changed, hiring web developers makes the process easier.

What is the Best Web Development Language to Use?

In the web development market, there are several languages to choose from. This might make deciding on the best language platform for the site difficult.


However, there are a few aspects to consider while choosing the ideal language for web app development.


  • Targeted Platform – Because not all web development languages are capable of running on every sort of platform, it's critical to think about the platform where the application will run. For example, in order for the software to work on both Windows and Linux platforms, the code must be built in C.


  • Flexibility and Performance - The chosen language must be versatile enough to allow for the computation of new features or programs. Furthermore, it must be efficient in order for the language to work quickly.


  • Project Size - Clients must choose a language that will help the cause based on the project's requirements. To overcome coding challenges, most web developers choose languages with large libraries.


  • Tool support – Finally, choose a tool-oriented dialect for web development that combines numerous aspects and provides a simple method of modifying and supervising the task.

What Does It Cost to Create a Website?

The entire cost of constructing a website is determined by a variety of elements, including the number of pages, customized photos and visuals, site layout, extra features, and so on.


The Project's Size

  • A basic website is either a static one-page site or one that has simple functionalities. A domain name and web hosting services are all that is required for such websites. A domain name costs roughly $15 per year, and site hosting costs around $96 per year ($8 per month). Starting a website will cost anything from $110-$310 in total.
  • Basic characteristics of a medium website include catalogs of the company's products, contact and quote forms, search functionality, social network connections, responsive design, and so on. The cost of a website with essential capabilities ranges from $900-to $6100. This is dependent on the number of pages, extra plugins, and other features available.
  • Corporate websites include a lot of features and are generally custom-built to meet the clients' needs. These projects can cost anywhere from $24000 to $31000, as they rely heavily on the site's coding to perform successfully. These sites also have a vast database that collects a lot of information from users.

Location & Experience

The web developer's years of expertise and location are important factors in deciding the value of the web development process.


  • An expert website designer from a developed country, such as the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom, will charge between $70 and $210 per hour, whereas a developer from a developing country, such as the Philippines, India, or Ukraine, will price between $30 and $80 per hour.


  • In contrast, a lower-end developer in a developed country may charge between $35 - $85 per hour, whereas a developer in a poor country will price between $18 - $25 per hour for that very same task.\


The majority of web app development businesses provide a defined number of design modifications in their packages. If extra adjustments are necessary, the customer may be compelled to pay a premium over the agreed-upon price. If a corporation only wants to make minor changes to an existing site's design, the fees may be as follows:


  • If a page owner wants to resolve minor PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, or other code issues, it might cost anywhere from $40 to $500, depending on the query.
  • The developer charges between $30 and $550 to remedy existing plugins or code bugs.
  • Meanwhile, bespoke sliders, mini widgets, accordions, and other features might cost up to $500.


The majority of freelance web developers and web development businesses may be employed on an hourly or project-by-project basis. The duration of the project determines which payment plan should be used. Companies must evaluate and compare several web development service providers and their quotes in order to pick the best partner.


What Should You Ask a Web Development Agency Before You Sign a Contract?

To guarantee a smooth and uncomplicated web development process, it is critical to answer particular questions before partnering with a web development business.


1. How Long Does It Take to Make a Website?

The length of time it takes to complete a web development project is determined by the website's complexity and features. It might take a few hours or days to construct a single-page website. A complicated website, on the other hand, with several sites, extensive features, plugins, and other features, might take anything from a few weeks to several months to construct.


2. What is the Web Development Methodology that is being used?

The project's success or failure is determined by the company's web development process. The Waterfall approach and the Agile method are the two most common methodologies.


The waterfall is a conventional technique for software development that follows a linear development pattern with each section programmed in sequential order. Only once the preceding step is accomplished does the transfer from one plane to another take place. Formalized documentation is required for its successful execution. Because of this, the waterfall method is a better choice for small-scale projects.


Agile, on the other hand, takes a step-by-step, iterative method. Throughout the development phase, this approach supports numerous modifications. The agile approach largely disregards documentation in favor of a functional prototype as the basis for user evaluation and feedback.


3. What are the technologies and frameworks that are being used?

Top web developers for hire keep up with the latest technology to guarantee that the end product generated is future-ready in the ever-evolving digital world. Web development companies must employ approaches that work in tandem with each stage of the design and development process. This involves implementing web development languages that enable front-end development, back-end development, and provide an effective website foundation. The backend will also be user-friendly and practical for the in-house staff, thanks to an amazing team of web engineers.


4. How many years of industry experience do they have?

It is critical to assess the contribution of the web development organization to the market. Request their portfolio, which includes examples of their previous work, the kind of websites they've designed, the number of projects they've completed, and the number of years they've been in this industry. Businesses may also use third-party research and review sites like GoodFirms to verify the quality of the web development service given by looking at authentic comments and ratings from prior clients.


5. Is the Website Responsive?

Responsive design guarantees that the website's layout remains similar across all devices, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets, regardless of screen size, platform, or orientation. User engagement is projected to rise as a result of responsive web design's improved user experience. Furthermore, website characteristics like responsive web design and mobile-first indexing are critical in improving SERP rankings and lowering bounce rates.


The developer must be familiar with responsive design ideas and be able to put them into practice in the code. Request that the web developer shows you examples of previously produced websites that use responsive design so that you can correctly assess their quality.


6. What are the other services included in the package?

Web hosting: Web hosting is a service that most web development businesses offer as part of their overall package. Consider checking to see whether the package includes a unique IP address. Also, be explicit about the amount of bandwidth that will be permitted, the types of tech assistance that will be available, and the uptime that will be assured.


CMS: As part of their approach, an effective web development business provides its clients with a high-quality content management system. When interviewing potential partners, inquire about their preferred CMS. Discuss the system's scalability and customization options. Finally, inquire about the site's interoperability with other platforms.


SEO:  Search engine optimization and other inbound marketing methods must be considered by web development firms. Inquire about tactics for implementing SEO technical best practices including page speed optimization, 301 redirects, Canonical URLs, and other techniques that can help the site rank higher in search engine result pages(SERP).

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