Top Software Development Companies

Software Development Companies List 

Owning a software product is creating an intact transforming data into an organized development structure. The success of a software product depends on whether you’ll find the right company or team that can accomplish your goals. And for this, we have selected some of the best software development companies after a vast analysis, and we are sure that our deep analysis will help you to choose the right one, so take a look at this list to create your software journey awesomely. 


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Hidden Brains Infotech (Enterprise Web & Mobile Apps Development Company)
  • < $25|
  • 250 - 999|
  • 2003|
  • Ahmedabad, India |

Hidden Brains Infotech is an Award Winning Enterprise Software & IT Consulting Company committed to provide end-to-end IT services in Web, Mobile & Cloud platforms. Our deep industry expertise and forward-looking strategy helps us leverage paradigm technology shifts in enterprise solutions to reimagine the potential of the intellig...

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Pyramidions (Hire PHP Web Developers)
  • $50 - $99|
  • 250 - 999|
  • 2012|
  • Chennai, India |

Hire PHP Web Developer by hiring Pyramidion Solution we offer end to end web applications development and we are well-experienced in building various websites for business in any size and stature. Contact us now!


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WorksDelight (Leading Web & Mobile App Development Company)
  • $25 - $49|
  • 10 - 49|
  • 2015|
  • Mohali, India |

WorksDelight is one of the most recognized mobile app development companies in India due to its creativeness and state-of-the-art quality services. Worksddelight has achieved a great many numbers of satisfied clients by providing dynamic and outstanding software solutions across the country and all over the globe.

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Simform (Extended team that is part of your team)
  • $25 - $49|
  • 50 - 249|
  • 2010|
  • Orlando, United States |

Simform is a top custom software development company with a mission to help successful companies extend their tech capacity. Since 2010, Our team of 280+ experts has helped businesses elevate their value through our development services. 

Our teams help you decide the right architecture and processes to follow and oversee the successful delivery of your software projects.


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ELEKS (Your Technology Partner for Software Innovation)
  • $50 - $99|
  • 1,000 - 9,999|
  • 1991|
  • Lviv, Ukraine |

ELEKS is a Top 100 Global Outsourcing company. We partner with enterprise clients and SMEs to elevate their value through innovative technologies. Our 1,500+ experts, located across Europe and the US, provide our clients with a full range of software services. These include custom software development, product design, quality assurance, R&D, smart teams and support and maintenance...

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Unified Infotech (Your End-To-End Web & Mobile Solution Partners)
  • $25 - $49|
  • 50 - 249|
  • 2004|
  • Kolkata, India |

Unified Infotech is an Award Winning technology company working with global Enterprises, SME’s and forward-thinking Start-Ups as their end-to-end solution partners for custom-tailored software, web and mobile apps. Through a combination of smart planning, design thinking approach, and the latest technologies, we help our clients to accelerate their business efficiency.

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IndiaNIC (Digital Product Agency with Enterprise Experience)
  • < $25|
  • 250 - 999|
  • 2005|
  • Ahmedabad, India |

Unlike most of the web development firms in the industry, IndiaNIC helps clients develop compelling stores and then bring these stories into the marketplace through exceptional websites. With programming and web design experience of years, companies hire our web developers for their expertise in PHP, .NET, Java to build CMS, E-commerce and business applications. Our web developers build front-e...

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IPHS Technologies (Software & Mobile App Development Company)
  • $50 - $99|
  • 50 - 249|
  • 2013|
  • Los Angeles, United States |

We provide cutting edge app development services. We're expert in iOS, Android, PWA, mobile web apps, websites, web Apps and Mac apps development and completed 500+ apps in past years.

Having coding skills in Objective C, Swift, Java, C#, HTML, CSS, Node js, Angular js and scripting languages. 


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Company List (A Test Flight)
  • NA|
  • Freelancer|
  • 2020|
  • Sydney, Australia |

test content

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FATbit Technologies (Software and Mobile App development Company)
  • $25 - $49|
  • 50 - 249|
  • 2004|
  • Mohali, India |

FATbit Technologies develops apps that are skillfully designed with the best app business tactics. Their expertise lies in Social Media Marketing, eCommerce marketplace solution & development, email marketing, content marketing, SEO, PPC, and conversion optimization services. They cater to the image of the business and enable the business owners to prepare...

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Iflexion (Custom Software. Advanced Web & Mobility Solutions)
  • $25 - $49|
  • 250 - 999|
  • 1999|
  • Denver, United States |

Since 1999, Iflexion has been helping companies across various industries optimize their business processes through custom software solutions. With a well-coordinated team of 850+ IT professionals, Iflexion serves their customers worldwide regardless of their operation domain, geographical location and organizational specifics. Iflexion addresses the IT needs of companies of all sizes, ranging...

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Whitelion Infosystems (India's leading IT Company)
  • < $25|
  • 10 - 49|
  • 2020|
  • Ahmedabad, India |

Whitelion Infosystems are a strategic website, apps and interaction design team,
We’re turning Ideas into tomorrow, soon into now.
We Whitelion Infosystems are wonderful at making things. Whitelion is a very strategic team of specialists who are prepared to handle the most complex riddles regarding the website and mobile apps development and UI/UX. We brag what we do and we...

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DCSL Software Ltd (UK Bespoke Software & App Development)
  • $50 - $99|
  • 50 - 249|
  • 2010|
  • Hampstead, United Kingdom |

DCSL Software is one of the UK’s leading bespoke software development companies. We design intelligent, cost-effective and intuitive web applications, desktop applications and mobile apps that help streamline processes for businesses as well as create new revenue streams for start-ups and established businesses alike. 

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OpenXcell (Leading Mobile App Development Company)
  • < $25|
  • 250 - 999|
  • 2009|
  • Sunnyvale, United States |

Incorporated in 2009 and headquartered in the USA, OpenXcell is an industry-leading & most reliable software and mobile app development company known for delivering innovative software solutions and engaging mobile apps. Due to our unstoppable quest for adopting newer technologies & innovations, we have evolved into a one-stop destination offering end-to-end Business & Technology Consultation.<...

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SPEC INDIA (Enterprise Software, Mobility & BI Solutions)
  • $25 - $49|
  • 250 - 999|
  • 1987|
  • Ahmedabad, India |

SPEC INDIA is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 company with 30+ years of established experience. We specialize in Custom Software Development, Web & Mobile Apps Development, BI & Analytics Solutions, Automation & Security Testing, Legacy Software Migration, Product Engineering, and IoT Solutions.

SPEC INDIA has a team of 300+ Consultants, who are committed to delivering Quality Solut...

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S-PRO (Strategic partner.)
  • $25 - $49|
  • 50 - 249|
  • 2014|
  • Kiev, Ukraine |

S-PRO is an innovation technology partner. We help startups to create innovative products and empower existing businesses with the digitalization of their core processes to much customer-centric economy needs. By partnering with accelerators Founder Institute, Sente.Link, BCCS Cluster and others we help our clients to achieve more business conne...

How We Assess The Top Software Development Companies?

We have a dedicated team that performs a deep evaluation with all the highly ranked companies and get each and every detail about them so that we can only serve you the best companies who can build user-friendly, and working software for which you are looking having the desired set of skills and technologies, customer satisfaction, and customer support. So read out the details to get revived in the software development companies. 

A company’s website is the best thing to evaluate as there we can find each and everything about the company's persona, we even can search for their history and their past experience. We always make a note on all the positive points of the company, their length of experience, and their next strategies and ways to satisfy their clients. 

After this, we deeply skim the software company services, we deeply deem each and everything by checking their portfolio and case studies. We evaluate their approach for performing the business along with this and we also align their final ways to accomplish the clients’ goal. 

We also gain insight into the company’s focus industries as most of the companies own specialization in a particular niche. There are various niches in which your demand or the company's specification lies, this can be either gaming, SaaS companies, or healthcare software development companies. The companies we have listed here are the best in every aspect and will provide you the right direction, and expand your correct vision in a very productive way. Their experience also results in proper advice for which can be successful in every way. 

As a final aspect, we take a deep look our the company’s client focus, as it is one of the important aspects that we look in a software development company, and we can surely claim you that the majority of the candidates on our list are small to mid-sized clients with a very small number of enterprise software development. We deeply consolidate to select the company that owns a much experience with the business on a certain scale as it is important to check how much attention the company is delivering to fulfill the special needs of the client and to confirm it we schedule interviews with our clients and companies to make sure they are treating all their customer with proper ways. 


Company Service Focus
We have a specific team that analyzes companies in every way, on classification as well as to classify software and for its development. The development process is based on the persona and the working which they are serving. We have observed them on the basis of four methodologies, so out them here:

Custom Software 
it is important to check that the company is properly developed to meet the basic needs of the business that you are expecting from it. 

Commercial Software 
The company should be well developed to check the discerning needs in the prospective market. 

System Software 
The company should have properly developed software that should underlie the programming process. 

Embedded Software 
The company has the potential to integrate the building of a physical product, like elevators, power suppliers, etc.

The most important prospect is the type of service they are offering, like custom development. The probabilities are, you are exactly searching to hire for this type of companies who offer custom development, more specifically, industry admires on services like healthcare or gaming. So thus we have listed most of the companies that offer custom development as their service.

It also encloses a variety of subsets like web-based software development and mobile app development, and other development technologies are considerably different. So let’s get aware of the custom software development process and its aspects. 


Custom Software Development
Custom software is one of the best ways to get in control of the process and to keep in touch with the way of your vision to technologically enhance the entire software development life cycle. Having this, you will not have to worry about anything and tensed about improper features that need extra cost and the overall intricacy. 

Companies who prepare for custom software and offer a better way to users than ready-made solutions. If you’re trying to use your own heritage to create software, you can hire the best custom software development company that can reduce the whole process and can provide quick services more dedicatedly and with fewer chances of human error. This automatically helps substantial increase in revenue. 

If you are thinking of building software for third-party users, the best software development companies should be able to hold the market research and build easy-to-optimize software that can be scalable for years and can manage with the increasing business demands in the potential market. But it is necessary to keep in mind that this custom software is more expensive than a simply developed software but looking in long-run prospects it is more cost-effective and helpful in every way.

Software Development Across Platforms

Desktop Application Development
The terminal product of desktop app development is something that needs the user to download and install your app before using it, and if he tries to use it likewise it will be inaccessible in-browser. Most of the operating systems like Mac, Windows, and Linux provide the most affluent user experience, and this is dictated by the software’s immediate responses. While reviewing the developers, it is also important to seek special attention to user experience and speed. 

Mobile Application Development
As we are talking about software development, it is important that it should be mobile responsive in every term, after this, they will get installed in mobile OS, like Android, iOS, and Blackberry. These are considered as one of the best benefits of this type of apps is that they’re accessible on the operating systems’ app stores. This helps in emphasizing easy download access but also instigates the user when you release a new feature or an update, the users will be notified normally. The lack of screen space compared to web-based and desktop apps make building user-friendly mobile apps a challenge. So – as part of our custom methodology devised for app development companies – when evaluating companies that develop mobile apps, we put special focus on their UI and UX design capabilities.


Web Application Development
The web application is also very popular because this kind of app runs online and can be accessed via a browser. There will be no need to download an app when you are thinking of using it for once or whether you use it again and again, it can be easily updated. The development process involves both the front end (client-side) and back end (server-side) programming. So the companies that we have listed are evaluated as the best web development companies from every aspect. 


Comprehensive Analysis of Basic Capabilities & Expertise
Looking deeper into it, we disclose all the core capabilities of each company and evaluate each and everything like how they do things. Below, you can find the details about the skills and technologies we have gone through. 

Programming Languages and Frameworks
The best and common languages are JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, CSS, and SQL. Each of these languages has its advantages and disadvantages as different types of businesses need different software development and, therefore it is important for a company to work on all the different languages. We are sure that our list includes companies that own teams proficient in different languages that can readily respond to unique business needs and budgets.  

The framework is also an important prospect for software development, and some of the most common frameworks are Django, Phalcon, CakePHP, Zend, and AngularJS. With the best technical properties and advanced features, these frameworks help in developing the integration of various components of a project. As with the programming languages, we included companies whose teams are agile enough to develop software within different frameworks.


Software Architecture
Software architecture is something that depicts a structured plan which incorporates a set of aspects important to a software product. The software architects are concerned are related to the performance, reliability, fault tolerance, and scalability of the project, as well as the organization of the system, how its parts will communicate with each other, the guidelines and implementation of technologies, the potential risks, and more. We expect the best software development companies to know the importance of solid software architecture.


Quality Assurance
It is also an important prospect in the software development process, it is most important that the software company will perform its engineering process to continue and to produce the products that meet the defined standards. (CMMI, Six Sigma, ISO 9000) and live up to the customer’s expectations. The SQA encompasses all aspects of the development life cycle from defining requirements to coding. Its techniques include, but are not limited to, auditing, code, and design inspection, functionality and performance testing, standardization, and compatibility testing.

While QA is also the most important element in software development, we make sure that the companies that we have listed here implement the QA process in their every project. Along with this, we majorly focus on the timing of the software testing and when it is going to be done now or later. 


UX Design
It is well known that the customer only looks for better experience whenever they use your services and never bother for the technology that we use. So it is your takeover to select the best software development company that provides user experience in the center of their planning and building process that will ensure you establish long-lasting relationships and get the most out of your software investment. We look for companies that invest time and resources to get to know the client’s users and then leverage that information to create unique, intuitive designs.


Project Management
The best software development companies have robust project management. This includes a number of things like planning, resource allocation, scheduling, tracking, and delivering software projects. These projects have a unique working which requires different sets of testing, customer feedback, and updating. Taking a look at this, the need to clutch the constant change, Agile is the best project management method, and we made sure to list the companies who have a team that successfully keeps proper eye so that the things can move forward, regularly demonstrates progress and shares feedback, and continuously improves the process.


Additional Services
Our research is based on discovering some of the software development companies which offer some additional services. We also deeply check that they will provide high-quality standards and provide companies with the highest rankings. 


Cloud Computing
Cloud developers are supple to build software that helps in empowering cloud storage apps such as OneDrive, GitHub, and Amazon Web Services. For this, they use several cloud-based tools and resources and the most reputable among them have one of the following certifications: AWS Certified Developer, Microsoft Azure Certification, GCP Certification, or DevOps Certification. We have evaluated companies on this basis and have taken a deep look at software companies that offer cloud computing services along with our customized evaluation methodology to find and locate the best-searched companies. 


Data Science
Data sets are totally useless if they are not aware of their workings, and that is the reason why data scientists use valuable assets for software development companies. They are experts in pulling out actionable insights that enable businesses to get to know their customers and competition. The companies that provide such services and evaluate their workings with that style along with choosing the big data companies generate more amount of revenues than those who do not. 


Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is the thing that helps in dealing with the last data systems. Many of the best software development companies offer AI services to customers who want to usually want to get smarter solutions to their normal business challenges and get the best value of it. Along with checking that the developers have hands-on experience with Python, Apache Spark, Hadoop, Tensorflow, and PyTorch, we also make sure that they follow the criteria of developing to examine the best AI companies.


IoT Development
With the increased demand of software developers who embrace IoT and claim to be able to offer vigorous, safe, high-quality, scalable, and user-friendly solutions. Since only a meticulous approach to an IoT software issue will result in the better development process, we check about the company’s staff that works on top of the programming languages and hardware platforms along with this, if they are aware of the best tools and methodologies for designing, prototyping, and scaling up the IoT software product.


The Staff’s Accuracy 
The staff of the company who works for you needs to be the best having the proper set of skills and required knowledge. So we have to make sure that the companies we have selected have the best staff of programmers and developers who work to provide you the best. 

Communication & Collaboration
We have taken proper interviews with the software development companies on our list to make sure that they have good communication skills and are well aware of how to collaborate with the clients. 

While analyzing the company's staff, we maintain a distance with companies who tend to agree with all clients’ requirements. According to our phenomenon, realistic requirement analysis and knowledge of the industry are the key components of having a successful, productive plan but making big promises for undoable things is a sign of poor quality.

Software Support & Maintenance
Support and maintenance are two essential aspects for any top software development company aiming to assure long-term quality. We assess the team’s ability to proactively handle maintenance to ensure the software is bug-free and secure.


It is the most mandatory thing that the company should need to communicate on a regular basis, it helps in reducing the possibility of misunderstanding. And the company that we enlist includes the analysis of both the team members and clients on their progress regularly.


Adherence to Deadlines
The managers usually coordinate with the developers to set reasonable deadlines for certain features. The deadlines set by a software development firm need to conform to the product delivery timelines. Even though the development process usually lasts longer than expected, we made sure the listed companies’ rough completion estimations are realistic.


Client Feedback, Reviews, Ratings, and Interviews
There are various software development companies who are having years of experience in their field and don’t make efforts to connect with the clients, that is the reason we deeply took a look over the companies policies for customer satisfaction, online presence, and every other aspect of each company’s public image and reputation.


Along with checking the company’s reviews and testimonials on their website, we have checked their third-party review sites to check the past clients and employees to say about their experience about the specific company.




In-House vs. Outsourcing Software Development Companies
Companies that are located in the US work with outsourced teams, We are here to provide you the best companies. We thoroughly checked team communication and organization tools in every company, and both will serve your needs equally well.


It is our goal to provide you the list of very good companies and thus we make sure to provide you the overall company evaluation, and software is a long and complex process, with the demanding process, The company and team communication aspects were important for overall company evaluation. Software development is a long, complex, and demanding process, and team cooperation dramatically affects the entire production. Some companies also hire freelance software developers, but this is no challenge for a well-connected team.


Value for Money
Whether you are a successful company we know you also care for money, and thus we provide you with the right mechanism to handle the continual developments in technology and offer exceptional products and services to clients. The most prominent companies that create and develop software and also empower with 66% that’s why we insist on transparency and quality, early-stage communication.


But keep in mind that going cheap with this is not the correct answer. Instead of focusing on a particularly expensive or cheap solution, we are here to choose the cost-effective ones, who provide their work with increased efficiency and can generate more revenue. We also have deeply observed the price per defined result, keeping your long-term software revenue in mind.


What Should You Keep in Mind While Choosing The Best Software Development Company?
If you have properly reviewed the above information, it will become easy for you to create the best software development company. But before that, you also check some of the below points to check about the company that you choose. Before checking the companies list make sure that you are clear with your goals and objectives, we can help you to clearly identify your problem, you also need to solve and determine the main goal that the software product should meet. Once you are clear with your goals it will become easier for you to get with the team during the initial interview and see whether they can respond to your needs and vision.



If you are acquired with the software services, if you want to acquire and are satisfied with the above-listed companies, you are free to get the best-listed company after deeply analyzing the problem. You can also check out our software development companies listed according to your business size, and the niche you want. So decide the companies with your pricing and requirements that can best fit your project.