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If you are searching for the best SEO Companies, then you are on the correct platform, we have created the best list of SEO agencies who are providing their services with the commitment and who is best from all the parameters, the SEO agencies and companies enlisted by us are all equipped with all the aspects of fulfilling your needs related to search engine optimization, we have taken a complete check of the agencies that we have chosen, we examine the firm by a very customized way in which we analyze their each and everything starting from experience to expertise and ending to customer satisfaction and customer retention. 


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Straight North (Make every click count!)
  • $100 - $149|
  • 50 - 249|
  • 1997|
  • Chicago, United States |

Straight North is an Internet marketing agency specializing in SEO, PPC and responsive websites. We help firms increase sales leads and e-commerce revenue.

Our core service is SEO. We have helped hundreds of clients improve organic search visibility since 1997. We are the only SEO company that validates and reports all sales leads from phone and forms.

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Company List (A Test Flight)
  • NA|
  • Freelancer|
  • 2020|
  • Sydney, Australia |

test content

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FATbit Technologies (Software and Mobile App development Company)
  • $25 - $49|
  • 50 - 249|
  • 2004|
  • Mohali, India |

FATbit Technologies develops apps that are skillfully designed with the best app business tactics. Their expertise lies in Social Media Marketing, eCommerce marketplace solution & development, email marketing, content marketing, SEO, PPC, and conversion optimization services. They cater to the image of the business and enable the business owners to prepare...

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OpenXcell (Leading Mobile App Development Company)
  • < $25|
  • 250 - 999|
  • 2009|
  • Sunnyvale, United States |

Incorporated in 2009 and headquartered in the USA, OpenXcell is an industry-leading & most reliable software and mobile app development company known for delivering innovative software solutions and engaging mobile apps. Due to our unstoppable quest for adopting newer technologies & innovations, we have evolved into a one-stop destination offering end-to-end Business & Technology Consultation.<...

How do We evaluate The SEO Companies?

There is an infinite number of companies that are providing SEO services and thus it is difficult to choose the best out of them, so we take it all for you and provides you with the best companies which provide you with the best SEO Services, we use a specific methodology to find the best services for you in which we assure you to provide with the best and impartial list of professional companies to provide you with the best. 

We have checked and researched every aspect of over a number of companies and found some of the best companies for you, we want to provide you with the best SEO agency and thus we check each company’s website, portfolio, and their case studies to check and evaluate their work experience their skills and their expertise, after this, we move forward to check the specific skills and industrial areas in which they own specialization. We never stuck to this much research. We also check the previous client’s feedback and reviews and ask them about client satisfaction and retention along with their pricing policy and ongoing support. 


Read out the following to know more about the methodology and context which we use for selecting the SEO companies. 


How We Check The Experience of SEO Companies?

There are numerous companies which provide search engine optimization services, but it is not important that every SEO company provides you the best services, to perform SEO services there needs more than extra skills, SEO services need continuous practice, it requires a unique set of skills and expertise, detailing, and flexibility, and thus it is our priority to check each and everything about the companies so that you only will get the best company for SEO services.


We are really dedicated to providing you the real experts who not only provide you technical SEO services but also help you to quality content and social media followers along with this, it helps to improve business with understanding the insights of the business. The first stride is to check the agency is their business email, address, and contact number, along with checking their portfolio of completed projects, then, we check how long they have been around- it is always advisable to trust SEO companies who have a long track record of working with a range of clients in different industries. 


The Company’s Website The Most Important Aspect 

The companies website is the most important aspect for a company before finalizing them for having the services, we check each and everything on the website and after this, we also cross-check the details in different ways, it is important for the SEO company to keep its website well-optimized in order to attract the consumers, we believe that an apt SEO marketing company should provide all their working by following all the rules and regulations, we lookout their website from all the aspects and we try to check out about their agency’s site is well-optimized or not, it is our belief that an SEO agency is not great by just bringing their website ranking as #1 but the agency is best in doing their services when they handle on-site and off-site optimization clearly. 


We also check their signs of originality, by analyzing there thinking capacity, we also take an overlook of their contribution in the industry, it is important for the agencies to experiment new ways to get more number of clients and thus we investigate the landscapes of the company in detail to check their positive points and their dedication to provide the best search engine optimization.


Companies Portfolio And Case Studies 

Companies portfolio and case studies are other things which are important for a company's overall reputation, we deeply analyze the companies portfolio and details of their past client and workings, by looking at their portfolios we make a deep estimation about their ability to deliver their work with desired results. We never enlist companies who provide just one kind of service for all products, instead, we only enlist companies who offer the best outcomes to the clients and provide overall best services by putting their overall efforts. We only consider companies that take time to get to know the client and their target audience along with their target result. 


Specific-Check on Their Speciality 

It is our goal to provide the best list of companies and thus we deliver you the best SEO services by assessing how they execute these specific strategies. SEO services include the following specific services:



SEO starts with Keywords, keyword ranking is important for driving traffic and revenue, keywords can bring you the right set of audience for whom you are looking if used strategically. 

We took a deep check on companies keyword strategy:

To provide you with the exact information we have discussed with several experts who can provide you with the work for which you are looking for, here are some of the knowledge and keyword research and implementation, here are some of the important points that we ask:

  • What components do they focus to make keyword choices?
  • Do they select a keyword with the intention of targeting it for the correct audience? 
  • Do they identify the negative keywords?
  • Do they have any specific keyword strategy for video SEO?
  • How do they optimize keywords for voice search?
  • Do they perform any keyword competition analysis?

Backlink Strategy 

Backlinks are the most important task of SEO, and it is important for the SEO companies to be efficient in link building, and thus we provide you with agencies who are having efficiency in link building campaigns according to the client’s needs, we target the following points to verify that the agency is capable to build a strong backlink portfolio for you. 


  • Do they use white hat tactics?
  • What do they do for buying or selling links?
  • Do they use broken links?
  • Do they use directories?
  • What do they do with blog links?


Conversion Rate Optimization

It is the main motive of the companies to bring and convert the visitors who land on your site, and conversion rate optimization works in this process only, we investigate whether the agencies use analytics and feedback to notify their decision and to improve the website’s performance level. In specification we consider this following points:


  • Does the company follow all the advanced and latest aspects in terms of CRO?
  • Does the design of the homepages are conversion-friendly?
  • Do they have a complete check on all the layouts and landing page components in the form of A/B tests? 
  • Do they accomplish their macro and micro goals for Google Analytics?
  • On what tools do they work for confirming maximum accuracy and results.


Technical Skills & Service Integration

The best SEO agencies or companies comprise all their team with basic programming knowledge and understanding of server-side settings, response codes, sitemaps, and rewrites. This helps them in making recommendations about the lazy loading, speed of pages, microdata tagging, basic knowledge of HTML tags, and further streamlining of the optimization process. 


SMM is also an important part of every SEO campaign, a good SEO company provides you with SEO complete command over social media skills that just not end with posting images or content on Facebook within a fixed time, but to leverage traffic from social media platforms in all aspects,  so for this the company needs to be skillful in all means by creating fan acquisition strategy, increasing social media followers, and continuously optimizing images and videos. Along with this, it is also important that the top SEO companies use content marketing efficiently, a company needs to have very good command over content creation and content distribution to attract visitors into the marketing funnel. 


Methods of Project Management 

Every business needs project management and so the SEO services, to work on SEO services with more perfection strategic planning for SEO is essential, we have a team who works with dedication to analyze how agencies or firms handles the workflow, their ability to work closely with the clients, along with juggling a variety of projects at the same time, the best SEO companies or agencies should always use the right tools, so we deeply analyze that what companies use to manage their SEO projects, tools like Slack, Trello, Asana, and Basecamp are the best ones to use for project management. Some of the things that we use to check while analyzing this step are the agency’s capability to estimate the client’s target audience and devise the right strategies. 


Companies Reviews, References, & Testimonials 

The online reputation of the companies makes a deep impact on the workings of the company and the services they offer to people based on their client’s expectations. We collect the feedback and learn about the workings of the companies that are listed here, we use different online resources to review sites, blog discussions, social media comments, and google ratings to initiate the workings of the companies, we never make a negative estimation of the company which owns bad reviews instead we initiate them to strengthen their weak points.


Flexibility, Responsiveness, and, Reporting of The Companies 

Working with a responsive team is important in any of the SEO tasks, thus it is important that the employees in the company work with the integration and responsiveness. We make it sure that the companies we enlist must own a team which is responsible and provides the best of their workings, along with this, it is also important that the company you choose must be able to present you with basic and advanced SEO packages, each package should contain detailed working strategy about the workings of the team plans to meet your goals. Along with this, it is also important that they must invest time and effort to provide you clear communication and they are flexible to complete the company’s shifting industry requirements. 


Reporting is also important for completing a successful project, the best SEO companies provide the professional-looking, comprehensive reports on regular bases using an update of the campaign and strategy-based metrics. 



The price of SEO services differs based on the services that a client needs. An SEO project by a very good and experienced company costs around $1000 to $ 12000 per month and if the client wants one time SEO services it ranges between $1000 TO $35000. To ensure that you will get cost-efficient services we provide you with the best companies, we tried to get quotes and determine the project size of each company. 


What To Consider Before Hiring The SEO Company or Agency?

After scouting the “best SEO agency” list and providing you top SEO companies, it’s worth spending a couple of time to understand a few important things. Before you finalize which company is the right one for your business, here are some of the points to keep in mind.

Express Your Business Ideas

Before finalizing an SEO partner for your business, it’s best that you express all your main ideas and goals. Setting the targeted objectives with the SEO agency will help to analyze the success of your merger while it will also help to find the strategic needs. It is important to decide the goals that you want to fulfill after hiring an SEO company. Some of the goals that you must put in your list are:

  • Increasing and boosting traffic 
  • Increasing the sign-up numbers 
  • Improving e-commerce and business sales. 
  • Increasing branding 
  • Improve reputation management 
  • Maintaining the ongoing and current SEO services

Developing a Roadmap along with reasonable KPIs

This helps in complementing the goals and their settings along with keeping your perspective SEO advertising agency understanding with metrics. Here we have enlisted some of the necessary KPIs you should have a look: 

  • Keyword rankings 
  • Conversion rate
  • Sales revenue
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Lead-to-customer ratio
  • Organic traffic
  • Mobile traffic, leads, and conversion rates.

Acknowledging Your Budget

Acknowledging your budget and making it clear that how much you can spend on SEO and link building services will help you in making things clear and easier. It will also help the SEO team to put on efforts likewise, There’s no fixed price when it comes to SEO, but it depends upon a  good marketer who can provide you with the best SEO services in any budget and set expectations, respectively.

Hire a Culture

You can find the best SEO agency or company that fills all the boxes and has the best track record. nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that this company is the right one for you. You need to choose a company that has the best SEO team that performs collaborative research, proactive and transparent workings, and understanding. And most importantly, they are providing you support to provide a clear vision for your brand.   

Questions You Should Ask Before Deciding the Best SEO Provider for Your Business

It is clear that it is difficult to choose the best agency among lots of SEO agencies, and for this, we are here to provide you help for better decision making by marking the questions you should ask the SEO company. Asking these questions will help you in ensuring that you end up with a company that you are comfortable working with and which will deliver you your desired results with the best SEO services you need to help your business grow.

How do they keep themselves updated with industry changes?

It is the most mandatory question that you should ask with the SEO company as SEO is a fast-paced industry— there is an update every year and almost 400-500 algorithm will get updated every year, the agency you choose needs to be up-to-date with the latest industry trends that can give an impact on the different aspects of search engine optimization. We can also say that they need to educate themselves on a regular basis to stay on top of the latest news and releases.

How focused they are for client communication?

Communication is the most vital part for SEO services, You should ask the company you choose to work with to assign a single person for contact. In this way, you can work smoothly and effectively having the best communication without feeling that you’re just another client for them for which they are providing common services.

What is their local SEO strategy to work?

If most of the clients are from the local market, you should choose an agency that is efficient in providing local optimization. A good local SEO company should be optimizing title tags for your local market, submitting your business to local directories and performing Google practices for your Business, along with employing the best practices aimed at ranking on the local map.

Will they provide an initial SEO audit?

The first and foremost thing a quality SEO service provider company will do is audit your site. If you already are working on a Google Analytics account, your new SEO company will only need access to your dashboard and reports. Nevertheless, effective and best SEO provider companies should also have tools and programs to help them determine the SEO state of your site. After this, they will guide you in detail about the observations, along with providing suggestions and the tactile steps you’ll need to follow to implement them.

How much will you be involved?

The good and correct answer should be “maximum” Even big companies that excel and have expertise in research, off-page, and on-page SEO, and social media marketing can’t be able to provide you with a successful campaign without your involvement. Remember, it’s your business and you need to show your utmost involvement. You need to ask the team to share reports, progress, and strategies. They should make suggestions but also be open to take any suggestions from you.

Do they commit to deliver you fast results?

If they provide a positive answer, even the best SEO company will not be able to offer magic solutions, and any company that claims to have a proprietary set of techniques that will get you to the top fast is probably leveraging black hat practices and making you fool, Well-established companies will research your company and give you an estimate, but they will never commit to providing the best results in a short, specific time frame.