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List of top Magento Development Agencies

Taking e-commerce as the present day norm, businesses have begun taking its role seriously in uplifting their business performance. One of the first steps they take towards establishing themselves across the internet is by developing an e-commerce platform or a website. The predominant factor that drives how the website will perform is the thought that has been put behind it in the developmental stage.

Many platforms offer these developmental services, but Magento development services have been hailed as the best by many companies. This open source e-commerce platform, formulated using PHP, occupied 1.4% of the CMS market in 2020, as per the report published by W3techs.

Pertaining to the popularity of Magento ecommerce development services, the number of companies operating on this platform has drastically multiplied. Here is a rundown of how you can get yourself the best Magento agency, why should you consider this platform, and other knick-knacks.  

Are you in search of the top Magento Development Agency for your business to transform it into a big e-commerce segment? You landed on the correct page, our team of experts has curated a list of top Magento development agencies which can help you to build your online store. 


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Codup (Software, Wordpress, development, software development, PHP, Shopify, digital Marketing)
  • $100 - $149|
  • 50 - 249|
  • 2012|
  • Houston, United States |

Located centrally in Houston, Texas, Codup has been in business for more than 8 years and has received dual awards by Clutch and high ratings from clients across the globe. We help businesses accelerate their growth through digital solutions that include API integrations, Website Development, eCommerce Development, Mobile App Development, and enterprise software.

Ateam Soft Solution
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Ateam Soft Solution (ECommerce Development Company in Australia)
  • NA|
  • Freelancer|
  • thiruvananthapuram, India |

Ateam Soft Solution is the best ECommerce Development Company in Australia. Magnify your revenue, boost customer engagement & multiply conversions with our modern eCommerce web development solutions. Take a step towards this business transformation and unlock new doors to success!

Meeraki Consultancy Services
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Meeraki Consultancy Services (Best Web development Services in USA)
  • $50 - $99|
  • 10 - 49|
  • 2015|
  • menlo park, United States |

Meeraki Consultancy Services in accordance to intellect, perseverance and adulation build the grand constructs an idea. With continued commitment to deliver through these three core competencies, we vision for enhanced ability to serve our clients each time.

AT&T Software LLC
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AT&T Software LLC (Technology Simplified)
  • $50 - $99|
  • 10 - 49|
  • dallas, United States |

AT&T Software LLC is one of the leading web and mobile app development company in USA. Our areas of expertise include web development, mobile app development, UI/UX design and digital marketing.   Once you hire us to build your website or mobile app, you can simply relax as we control every step of the development process aiding you to attain gainful outcomes throughout your business jo...

Nevina Infotech
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Nevina Infotech (Delivering Innovative Technology Solutions)
  • $25 - $49|
  • 10 - 49|
  • 2011|
  • Boston, United States |

Nevina infotech - We are renowned for our expert-level and high-tech custom web and mobile app development services in Brighton, MA, USA. We have a completely process-driven and extremely focused approach for all our services. From understanding the client requirements to ensuring that our services meet them exactly, we work with a systematic process. This is why companies from completely differen...

Techmango Technology Services
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Techmango Technology Services (Best Digital Services Company in India)
  • $25 - $49|
  • 250 - 999|
  • 2014|
  • Chennai, India |

Techmango Technology services Recognized as the Best Digital services company in India. We are a  full-scale leading Software and Mobile App Development Company. Techmango driven with a mantra “Clients Vision is our Mission”. we have a tendency to stick to the current statement. To be the technologically advanced & most loved organization providing prime quality and cost-effic...

Digital Marketing Lab
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Digital Marketing Lab (360 Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata)
  • $25 - $49|
  • 10 - 49|
  • 2006|
  • Kolkata, India |

We are the optimistic bunch committed to a flawless digital agenda to complement your business model. We explore the limitless opportunities, create a winning strategy with a dose of imagination and creativity aptly added to it and lay the roadmap for your business to transform and outperform.

Shopware Squad
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Shopware Squad (Engage the audience in Conversions)
  • < $25|
  • 250 - 999|
  • Los Angeles, United States |

We at Shopware Squad provide the finest open source eCommerce solutions across several industry sectors. We follow agile and flexible methodologies to design highly scalable web and mobility solutions. Our developers work by having user&#39;s prospective in mind which will boost revenue. Our team of expert Shopware developers creates user-friendly and high-performance web and app solutions. We ar...

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Turnkeytown (Chat Room app development)
  • $200 - $300|
  • 1,000 - 9,999|
  • 2000|
  • San Francisco, United States |

The emerging audio-based social media communication trend presents a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs to generate revenue with clubhouse clone app development. TurnkeyTown proffers you a white-label clubhouse like app that enables you to customize each feature and functionality and built your own design that best fits your business collaborations. Join us and get your clubhouse script to make...

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SpryBit (Innovation Simplified)
  • NA|
  • 10 - 49|
  • 2016|
  • Ahmedabad, India |

SpryBit is an IT consultation and solution provider which is home to some of the best skilled technical professionals in the industry. We offer services like Custom Website Design, UI/UX Designs, Mobile Application Development, E-commerce Development, Custom PHP Development, CMS based website Development, Automation Testing Services, MYOB Integration Services and many more. We have a strategy-bas...

Massive Pixel Creation
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Massive Pixel Creation (All Good Ideas Start with Massive Pixel Creation.)
  • $50 - $99|
  • 50 - 249|
  • 2009|
  • warsaw, poland |

Over&nbsp;12 years&nbsp;on the market serving businesses from Americas, Europe, the Middle-East, and Australia &amp; Oceania. Mostly known for building and monetizing our own products on Envato for WordPress and providing customization services on WPKraken. Massive Pixel Creation is a&nbsp;Software Development Outsourcing&nbsp;company based in Poland, Central Europe with a strong background in bu...

Redsky Software WLL
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Redsky Software WLL (Software Development Company In Bahrain)
  • NA|
  • 10 - 49|
  • dubai, United Arab Emirates |

Redsky Software - Top IT Solutions Company In Middle East Red Sky Software is a software master reseller in the Middle East, based out of Bahrain. The company distributes and installs in the Middle East the business software products of the other business software companies founded by MBA Fakhro Group. It also distributes some other software products developed by third party companies like Zeta,...

NetMaxims Technologies
Review | 0 Video Review
NetMaxims Technologies (Best eCommerce Development Agency | NetMaxims Technologies | Web Development Company)
  • $50 - $99|
  • 10 - 49|
  • 2003|
  • new york, United States |

NetMaxims Technologies (Web &amp; Mobile App Development Co.) Get the best Custom eCommerce Development Services for eCommerce Development and take your Business Online. With our Awesome eCommerce Web Design get an opportunity to sell your products online around the Globe. Get end to end eCommerce Development Services for your Online retail business Today.

Mango It solutions
Review | 0 Video Review
Mango It solutions (We build you earn)
  • NA|
  • 50 - 249|
  • 2006|
  • new york, United States |

Mango IT Solutions is an expert team of software professionals working on PHP, Full-stack, Magento, WordPress development along with eCommerce and CMS expertise at its core. Established in 2006, Mango IT had continually serving clients with its panoramic approach to provide customized solutions across the globe. At Mango IT, we have a team of 80+ professional to offer business-driven, high quality...

Arthonsys Technologies LLP
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Arthonsys Technologies LLP (Web & Mobile App Development)
  • $25 - $49|
  • 10 - 49|
  • 2016|
  • princeton, United States |

Arthonsys Technologies is across the ocean web and app development company with headquarters in India and the US. In 2016, the stepping stone of the innovative and progressive IT hub was established to reform the development trends. The company has a standalone mission to provide top-notch IT services to its clients without putting pressure on their pockets. Arthonsys is a family of 50+ logical,...

What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Magento Development Company?

With so many options in the market, you need a clear reason as to why Magento can be your top pick. Here are some benefits of hiring a Magento Development Agency-

1. Structured Plan

One of the most prominent issues when considering the development of an ecommerce portal is that people tend to digress midway. This is because of the lack of plan and vision. With Magento Development Services, you will have a clear plan that takes into consideration your requirements as well as market competition.

2. Seasoned Developers

When you operate with a Magento web design company, you know that you are associating with years of experience and expertise in the field. They know how to formulate a Magento-based store, making it easy for you to work on MySQL, PHP, Ajax, XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

3. 24*7 Support

Designing a website is a prolonged and on-going process. Midway you may need assistance at any given point of time. Magento companies work in shifts and ensure that they render you support as and when needed.

4.  Enhanced Store Efficiency

The best part of associating with a Magento agency for ecommerce development is that they come from a place of thorough background research. With plethora of facts and stats at hand about the market, they ensure that you have an edge over others in every aspect.

5. On-time Delivery

Magento development services are said to operate within a given timeframe. Until it’s for unseen circumstances, you can see quality work being delivered in the allocated time.

6. Rich Resources

In a competitive space, you want to stay up-to-date with the latest technology, trends, and tools. This is one of the foremost assets of Magento-based agencies. They incorporate everything that is latest while designing your website.

Factors Worth-Considering before Hiring a Magento Ecommerce Development Company

 Although Magento is one of the most significant developmental platforms for ecommerce sites, you do need to have a checklist of important considerations before finalizing a company. Here is what you should look into-

1.Company’s Portfolio

Conducting a thorough research on the company of your choice is integral. Not only should you request the companies’ proposal, but also consider word of mouth of the previous clients. Additionally, the style and timing of the past projects must be considered to see if they align with your requirements.

2.Smooth Communication

An ideal Magento Web Design company should keep you in the communication loop without fail. They should ensure uninterrupted flow of information to have a smooth functionality, dodging discrepancies.

3.Post-Developmental Services

Most companies tend to back off after developing the website once. However, website development is an on-going process and it may need updates as well as additions. For this, you need a Magento agency with a strong post-developmental support.

4.Resources Used

The best Magento developmental services centre themselves on using high-end, latest resources that operate well on the current Magento version.


Lastly, have a detailed discussion about the project’s cost, including any extra cost that might pop up midway to avoid miscommunication.

Best Magento Extensions for Your Ecommerce Development

Extensions have a pivotal role to play in ecommerce development and there are no brownie points for guessing that Magento has a wide pool for your benefit. Here are some top picks-

1. Buildify By Aheadworks

A drag-and-drop page builder, Buildify helps you create content in a customizable style, with your favourite layout without the need of any coding. Operating primarily on Magento 2, it helps you use pre-designed templates to save time. Further, it ensures that your content is responsive on any screen.

2.  Google Tag Manager by MagePlaza

A perfect integration of analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook and Google Adwords, it helps Magento stores with analytics and insights. You can look for conversion rate, track website clicks, and other integral details using this extension.

3. Elasticsearch by Wyomind

Operating well on both Magento 1 and Magento 2, Elasticsearch is used by many Magento development services to enhance customer experience. It can be quite off-putting for your customer to search for something and not find it the right way. This extension ensures better search results for your customers alongside increasing relevance.

4. LiveChat by Livechatinc

If you are using Magento 2, then having a LiveChat option is mandatory. This is very well understood by your Magento development agency as customers need immediate solutions to their problems. Via LiveChat, you can not only interact better, but also increase customer loyalty and conversion rates.

5. Special Promotions Pro by Amasty

Have you also noticed an increase in sales because of special discounts and offers? And what if these offers are personalized according to the customer. Well, Special Promotions Pro helps you do just that. As the Magento development company installs this extension, it accesses customer’s details and purchase history to formulate personalized offers.

6. Auto Currency Switcher by FME Extensions

By taking geographical location into account, Auto Currency Switcher shows the customer the rate of a product in their local currency. This makes the purchase hassle-free.

Wrapping Up

There is no denying the fact that Magento Development Agencies have overtaken the ecommerce market. Even so, it is important for you to conduct research on a personal level before hiring a company. Take into account their portfolio, work ethics, costing, and other peculiarities to get the best experience.