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List of Social Media Marketing Agencies

With the new age transitioning to the digital portals readily, the need for social media marketing has multiplied considerably. Are you also intending to take a leap and hire a top social media marketing agency for your business?

Social media marketing can actually land you in a ditch if not undertaken as per a structured plan. Since there are so many portals to cater to, you can end up going all over the place, with no visible conversions. If your aim is to get returns from social media marketing, then professional help can assist you formulate the right kind of messages for your target audience. Our list of best social media marketing firms can help you sail through the nitty-gritties of SMM

Are you looking for the best social media marketing agency? Choosing nothing but the best among the social media marketing companies becomes extremely critical. But at the same time, choosing one among thousands of such companies is near to impossible. But not to worry, for making your life simple, our experts have performed research on various social media marketing agencies and thus we have compiled some of the best social media marketing companies among them into the below list. Listed are some of the best marketing agencies which will definitely give you a good ROI.

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Creativaties (we are creativaties)
  • $300+|
  • 2 - 9|
  • lawrenceville, United States |

We are a creative bunch. We are the dreamers & the doers, the crazy and the cranky. We are not completely normal and we quite like that. We have vast experience in Digital Marketing, Animated Explainer Videos, SEO services, Web Design, Web Development, App Designing & App Development.

Adchemist Digital
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Adchemist Digital (Online Business Made Easy!)
  • NA|
  • Freelancer|
  • 2020|
  • quezon city, Philippines |

Adchemist Digital offers the best Local SEO services, Social Media Management, Website Development, Outreach Marketing, Amazon Listing, and Virtual Assistance in Manila, Philippines. We help transform, create, and convert your “silver” business to “gold”. In other words, we develop businesses to a new level to achieve goals. We help to create a solution to your problems. Ad...

Meeraki Consultancy Services
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Meeraki Consultancy Services (Best Web development Services in USA)
  • $50 - $99|
  • 10 - 49|
  • 2015|
  • menlo park, United States |

Meeraki Consultancy Services in accordance to intellect, perseverance and adulation build the grand constructs an idea. With continued commitment to deliver through these three core competencies, we vision for enhanced ability to serve our clients each time.

AT&T Software LLC
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AT&T Software LLC (Technology Simplified)
  • $50 - $99|
  • 10 - 49|
  • dallas, United States |

AT&T Software LLC is one of the leading web and mobile app development company in USA. Our areas of expertise include web development, mobile app development, UI/UX design and digital marketing.   Once you hire us to build your website or mobile app, you can simply relax as we control every step of the development process aiding you to attain gainful outcomes throughout your business jo...

Webocity Technologies
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Webocity Technologies (Best Web Design Company)
  • NA|
  • Freelancer|
  • , |

Webocity would design a fast, responsive and mobile-friendly website for your business. A user-friendly website can help you scale your venture by helping you reach the right audience. To order to rank it is essential that your website is mobile-friendly and we aim to achieve exactly the same. Webocity is the best website design company in India.

Idea Usher
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Idea Usher (Ushering In Innovation)
  • < $25|
  • 50 - 249|
  • 2014|
  • Mohali, India |

Idea Usher is a top-notch app and web development company that provides customized web and app solutions. Our experts combine their advanced technical knowledge and rich industry expertise to build highly personalized and impactful digital experiences in this fast-changing digital landscape. We implement ground-breaking technologies such as AI, Blockchain Management, Machine Learning, besides our...

Digital Marketing Lab
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Digital Marketing Lab (360 Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata)
  • $25 - $49|
  • 10 - 49|
  • 2006|
  • Kolkata, India |

We are the optimistic bunch committed to a flawless digital agenda to complement your business model. We explore the limitless opportunities, create a winning strategy with a dose of imagination and creativity aptly added to it and lay the roadmap for your business to transform and outperform.

True Web Solutions
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True Web Solutions (We create the innovative designs)
  • < $25|
  • 2 - 9|
  • 2021|
  • noida, India |

Our company has ability to create a fantastic online appearance for your company. True Web Solutions is a Best Website Designing Company in Delhi. Our experts can provide you with a functional website that is new, innovative, and well-suited to expanding your business and attracting more customers. We&#39;ve designed our entire interface and services to provide everything a small business needs wh...

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SpryBit (Innovation Simplified)
  • NA|
  • 10 - 49|
  • 2016|
  • Ahmedabad, India |

SpryBit is an IT consultation and solution provider which is home to some of the best skilled technical professionals in the industry. We offer services like Custom Website Design, UI/UX Designs, Mobile Application Development, E-commerce Development, Custom PHP Development, CMS based website Development, Automation Testing Services, MYOB Integration Services and many more. We have a strategy-bas...

Creative Jaguars
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Creative Jaguars (We believe in creating only the BEST)
  • < $25|
  • 10 - 49|
  • 2020|
  • dallas, United States |

Creative Jaguar is one of the fastest growing companies, assisting its clients with all kinds of updated user-friendly electronic oriented services. Client satisfaction is our top most priority. We cater all our clients with creative and innovative ideas to satisfy their hunger to stand unique in today&rsquo;s world of competition.

Embtel Solutions Inc
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Embtel Solutions Inc (Scale Business Online with Proven Strategies with EmbtelSolutions)
  • $100 - $149|
  • 10 - 49|
  • 2014|
  • fremont, United States |

The website design and digital marketing agency Embtel Solutions is based in Fremont, California. Along with digital marketing, their services also include web design and development, e-commerce, and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, social media management, and search engine optimization.

Redsky Software WLL
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Redsky Software WLL (Software Development Company In Bahrain)
  • NA|
  • 10 - 49|
  • dubai, United Arab Emirates |

Redsky Software - Top IT Solutions Company In Middle East Red Sky Software is a software master reseller in the Middle East, based out of Bahrain. The company distributes and installs in the Middle East the business software products of the other business software companies founded by MBA Fakhro Group. It also distributes some other software products developed by third party companies like Zeta,...

Mango It solutions
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Mango It solutions (We build you earn)
  • NA|
  • 50 - 249|
  • 2006|
  • new york, United States |

Mango IT Solutions is an expert team of software professionals working on PHP, Full-stack, Magento, WordPress development along with eCommerce and CMS expertise at its core. Established in 2006, Mango IT had continually serving clients with its panoramic approach to provide customized solutions across the globe. At Mango IT, we have a team of 80+ professional to offer business-driven, high quality...

UrbanMedia Solutions
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UrbanMedia Solutions (UrbanMedia - Digital Marketers, Branding and Advertising Agency Delhi)
  • < $25|
  • 2 - 9|
  • 2021|
  • , |

Media Production, Digital Marketing, Branding, Graphics &amp; Web design, and Print Media, one-stop solution of all digital needs. 9811778250 Know more about UrbanMedia and our Digital Media Services like SEO, SMO, PPC, Media Production, Video Production, Web and Print Design. UrbanMedia is a leading Digital Marketing agency that provides 360-degree Digital Services. Includes SEO, PPC, SMO, Web de...

Finest Tech Solution Pvt Ltd
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Finest Tech Solution Pvt Ltd (Grow Your Business Online With Finest Tech Solution)
  • < $25|
  • 10 - 49|
  • 2019|
  • Mohali, India |

Finest Tech Solution is a digital marketing and web development agency located in India. Established in 2019, the company offers a wide assortment of services like digital marketing, website, and mobile design &amp; development. For many years, we have been serving local and overseas businesses. We have a long list of happy customers who recommend our services for quality and affordability. As one...

Things you should consider while hiring a social media marketing agency

While choosing any social media marketing agency for your business, you should check whether the company has below principles - 

  • Well customized strategy

The success of any social media campaign depends on how customized the strategy is. The strategy should be stable enough to achieve the goals. It must contain the following elements - 

  • Business goals

As a client, you will discuss the business goals with the agency. It is the duty of every social media agency to define how they are using social media to achieve your business goals. 

  • Marketing objectives

Marketing objectives are the main key that describes whether the goal is achievable or not. The objective should be specific, measurable, results-focused and time-bound. 

  • Research 

To design the strategy deep research should be performed. The agency you are choosing should be able to perform a deep analysis of your competitor’s strategy and understand what is the actual demand and trend in the market related to your business. Perfect research always proves helpful in designing the best strategy. 

  • Content 

In today’s era content is the only king which is ruling all the online platforms. Every business needs to understand the importance of content. The social media marketing agency which you are choosing must have creative and strong content creators. For this, you can check their previous projects. Here again, exists three important elements - 

  • Content-type 

As per research, a good agency is defined only when it is ready to deliver any type of content. 

  • Ideal customers’ analysis

An analysis of ideal customers is required. The company should know for whom they are creating the content meaning the analysis of the target audience so that it will be easier to attract a good number of audiences with the content. 

  • Frequency of posting 

The agency must have trained employees, who can analyze when to post content so that it can reach a large audience.

  • Distribution channel and techniques 

If you have hired the best company then it must have experience of working on different channels. To get the desired results it is important to analyze all the channels and then select all the best channels which are required for your business. 

You need to check the experts of that company. Whether they have experts for all social media platforms. How these experts work. Some of the important experts that should be present in the company are - Facebook marketing experts, Google ads experts, Instagram marketing experts, whatsapp marketing experts, etc.

Why is The Role of Social Media Marketing for Your Business?

As a comparatively new concept, you might be dicey about whether or not you should engage in social media marketing. However, as the trend suggests business owners are inclining towards this marketing format and for all the right reasons. Here are some top benefits you can get by deploying social media marketing-

1.Brand Awareness

Social media is one of the most interesting and effective ways of making people aware of your existence. You can get as creative as you want with your social media posts and present yourself to the target audience. This will not only make them know of your existence, but also visualize you in a positive light depending upon the kind of marketing techniques your social media marketing consultant uses.

2.Increased Traffic

With such a wide audience base on social media, you can easily drive more traffic on your platform. Billions of people actively engage on social media each day. If some of these people come across your business idea and resonate with it, then you will automatically have a higher traffic rate.

3.Better Search Engine Ranking

Search Engines take into account the relevancy of your content when pitted against the keyword that is being searched. If your social media marketing agency formulates quality content that is relevant to maximum searches, you will organically rank better, leading to more views on your portal.

4.Spotting New Leads

Following itself from the second argument, social media is a huge space to market yourself. While locally you can get to some people, social media marketing helps you gather a plethora of leads with much lesser time and efforts. You only have to be mindful of being a problem solver and staying relevant to your target audience.

5.Higher Conversion Rates

With acquisition of numerous leads, an effective marketing strategy on the part of your social media marketing firm can help you get a better conversion rate.

6.Elevated Customer Satisfaction

As you expand your visibility across social media platforms, your audiences find newer places for interaction with your business. The more reachability and accessibility you offer through your social media marketing, the more satisfied your customers will be.

What is the Need of a SMM Company?

Every business has begun to acknowledge the power of social media and has thus started establishing themselves on digital mediums. This has made the space very competitive. The need suggests that you must know the peculiarities of the business in order to be able to maximize profit. This is where a social media marketing firm can change the game for you.

Here are some reasons as to why you must consider getting on board a SMM company-

1.They understand algorithms

Different social media platforms operate on different algorithms. This means that the plan you devise for Instagram or Twitter might not necessarily work for your Facebook audience. A social media marketing consultant knows how to maximize the benefits within a set budget by playing alongside the algorithm. He/she will help you make feasible and profitable plans for various portals depending upon the kind of reach each platform has.

2.Ensure Consistency across Platforms

If you get one of the people from your in-house team to handle social media, chances are that you will end up facing inconsistency issues. This will make it very difficult for your business to surge via social media marketing.

A professional SMM company will ensure that your social media handles are not only creativity infused, but also follow a set schedule to ensure constant engagement.   

3.Out-of-the-box Ideas

Social media is quite a saturated space and thus needs you to stand apart in order to get acknowledgement. Managing social media requires you to have a consistent flow of creative ideas. A seasoned social media marketing firm understands the success mantra and knows how to use tools in order to give you an edge over others.

4.Adds Perspective to your Business Ideas

If you are in charge of your social media business, then you might end up in a creator’s block at some time. The result is repetitive, non-engaging content that will drive off your audience. Having a perspective in the form of a SMM company renders you with a fresh approach alongside your vision. This can add value to your brand.


How to Track The Best Social Media Marketing Firm?

Social media marketing industry has a cutthroat competition situation currently. Every now and then companies are coming with new features to attract more and more clients. Here is how you can narrow down your search and land on your best bet-

1.List Down Your Requirements

The most basic step while choosing a right company to handle your social media is to have a clear vision of what you want from them. Having a list of your requirements will help you match with the portfolio of every company you come across, making the task easier.

2.Request a Portfolio

To understand the kind of work a firm delivers, you need to have a look at their work profile. This can be done in two ways. Either you can search the SMM Company online and look for their project details, carefully scanning through peculiarities. Or you can request a portfolio of their work.

3.Ask Questions

The best way to understand the vision of a company is by asking them questions. These should include things like

·         Their understanding of social media

·         The scope of social media marketing

·         Parameters to measure success across platforms

·         Case study to support their claims

·         Experience in your specific niche

·         Aspects of social media that they will handle for you

·         Do they outsource work?

·         Their preferred social media management tools

·         Ways of communication

·         Their passion for social media

With a thorough interview and peek into their work profile, you will have a clear idea of whether the social media marketing firm is functional for you or not.


Summing Up

Social media marketing is the future of the business industry and requires you to be very consistent in your approach. Not only that, having a creative edge is essential because of the competition level. A good social media marketing agency will translate their passion through work and assist your consistent growth. To be able to find the best company for your needs, all you need to do is to scan through their work and carry out a thorough conversation, asking everything that is important to your social media marketing business.