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Top Software Development Companies in United Kingdom

Searching for the best software development companies in United Kingdom? We at Companies List have enlisted the top software development companies of United Kingdom that are working to provide the customized software development according to your requirements. United Kingdom is one of the biggest hubs of software development companies in the world, so in this competitive market it becomes difficult to find the perfect software partner who can provide the quality work which you are expecting. Companies List has taken responsibility and curated the best list of top software development firms in United Kingdom. So check out the below list which was created after thorough research and evaluation to provide you with the best companies who can help you to achieve the best-customized software development for your business.

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List of Companies

ZenBit (Custom MedTech software and AI-based solutions)
Review | 0 Video Review

Our company is mainly focused on the HealthCare field and MedTech solutions. We really know how to reduce the risk and grow the revenue for your business using technologies. We concentrate on using solid technological solutions to be sure that data will store securely and the software will be HIPAA/GDPR compliant. Our team have great experience in this area and we are able to provide an optimal...

  • $25 - $49
  • 10 - 49
  • 2017
  • lancaster, United Kingdom
Sprint Innovations (Innovation partner for ambitious businesses)
Review | 0 Video Review

We help transform your most essential business processes by introducing better ways of working that improve customer experiences, lower operating costs and heighten efficiency to enable more profitable growth, faster. Sprint Digital Business We help you reimagine products, experiences and business models that blur physical and digital worlds to create new value, differentiation and revenue a...

  • $50 - $99
  • 2 - 9
  • 2014
  • london, United Kingdom
SOR'UN (Interact Intelligently with Customers)
Review | 0 Video Review

SOR'UN is an online messaging platform for companies, delivering services to clients with real-time messaging from very different channels. All written communication channels are in “One Place"​! With SOR'UN companies can easily manage questions, requests and suggestions from both their own channels and from the platforms on which their customers are located. With WebCha...

  • NA
  • 10 - 49
  • 2014
  • london, United Kingdom
SPD Group (Software Engineering and Digital Transformation)
Review | 0 Video Review

While modern technologies change our world, we help companies with innovative technologies. About Us More than 14 years of Software Engineering and Product Development experience; Global clients from United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Germany, and other countries; 400+ in-house Engineers, Project and Product Managers, Business Analytics and Quality Assurance Specialists; Certifi...

  • $25 - $49
  • 250 - 999
  • 2006
  • london, United Kingdom

Why Should You OutsourceTop Software Development companies UK?


According to a survey by global business processing provider Arvato, by the end of 2019, over 57 percent of the overall outsourcing industry in the UK was IT outsourcing – and this is only anticipated to expand over the next decade. Businesses are discovering that outsourcing their IT to specialists is more cost-effective, efficient, and risk-free, allowing them to concentrate on growth.


Software development is a complicated process that includes a wide variety of services such as application development, software integration, and data analysis. Because not everyone has the resources to recruit an in-house development team, and your IT staff may be overburdened, it makes sense to engage a third party.


Here are a few reasons why outsourcing may be the best option for your company:


It is less expensive than in-house.


The most apparent advantage of outsourcing development is its low cost. Using a third-party developer rather than a full-time developer will save you money since you won't have to purchase costly equipment or technology. The price varies as well, depending on the service and outcomes you desire.


Gaining access to talent and technology


One of the primary reasons firms outsource software development is to acquire skills or resources that they do not have in-house. Outsourcing provides you with access to local and worldwide professionals like web developers, iOS developers, designers, and data scientists who are likely to employ cutting-edge technology to provide high-quality solutions.


increased adaptability


You will only utilize a software firm when necessary, which is much more efficient than full-time employment. It is perfect if your company has a restricted budget for a specific project or if it is a one-time event. Outsourcing software is ideal for tasks that do not need regular upkeep. For example, if you want inventory management software to assist in the automation of your company procedures.


You need a speedy turnaround.


Sometimes you just need to do tasks quicker than your own staff can. While complicated software development cannot be rushed, an outside business may often include more employees in getting the project done quicker. Of course, this will come at a cost and will minimize the cost savings from outsourcing the task.


Concentrate on your company.

Outsourcing a significant development work allows you to concentrate on essential components of your organization and optimize your business procedures, enabling you to dedicate more resources elsewhere. It also does not overburden your staff, who already have a lot on their plates!


Less danger

Why should you entrust your software development to a third party? It is much less dangerous than carrying it out internally. You've nearly assured a competent and high-quality service – and if anything goes wrong, they'll be held accountable. The service quality is also recorded, monitored, and quantified, lowering the financial risk compared to staying in-house.


Outsourcing software development is an excellent strategy to help your company's digital transformation and growth via innovation. It will also aid in gaining a competitive edge while maintaining concentration and efficiency.


How Do I Find the Right Software Development companies Partner for My Business in the UK?


You need to determine which development technique you want your IT firm to adopt before you hire them. The most prevalent are Agile and Waterfall. Agile project management divides tasks into stages and reassesses them after each sprint. Waterfall, on the other side, is about doing simple activities sequentially. This article explains these two approaches. Please select the best solution for your organisation since it will affect your interactions with your IT partner. Courage and sincerity Choose a partner that can simply describe their competence and is not scared to say no. You must trust each other and be honest with one other. Fear not if your companion is direct and forceful. You may hear someone say they prefer JavaScript over other languages. That's excellent. They should be experts in their sector and eager to assist you to make adjustments.


2. Tech

Expertise takes extensive knowledge and experience, making it difficult to be an expert in numerous subjects. So pay attention to your potential partner's skills and interests. Small businesses are more likely to have specific technological or working preferences, which is why early conversation is critical. Pay attention to your partner's technologies. What new prospects will it open up for you in the future? Don't lose out on the chance to grow both personally and professionally.


3. Alliance

Choose a provider that meets your needs and does not impede your business. Some software development firms provide 360° services. Instead of purchasing an existing software solution, consider partnering with a business that will design it for you and support you throughout the software development, implementation, and post-implementation phases. Strong business relationships may survive for years and benefit both parties. Your IT partner may help you win the competition.


4. Know your business

Will the new software be successful? Will your partner create what you need? These questions are typically answered by how well you and your IT partner understand your company and industry. Your development partner should know your difficulties, what features you need, and why. If they know the answers, they will know how to design the most effective solution for your firm. They can help you concentrate on goals and provide technical advice if they understand your company.


5. Interaction

When selecting a new IT partner, be as specific as possible about your expectations for the project and communication. Ask several questions, such as how involved is the firm in the project's vision? Check whether the IT partner uses a shared project management platform like Jira or Trello. It may facilitate communication. If you opt to outsource software development overseas, ensure sure you can communicate in English swiftly and clearly. Consider the time zones and the time difference. Transatlantic communication may be difficult. Managing time zone disparities in software development outsourcing is explained here.


6. Experience, portfolio

Consider all choices before selecting a software development partner. Examine the IT firm's expertise and portfolio. You want the most experienced partner possible since expertise brings quality and reduces task time. A portfolio shows a company's knowledge and specialization. You may also look at prior partners' reviews.


Before hiring a software development business, do your homework. You may obtain more than just software. You may get a long-term collaborator who can help you with many tasks. Find a corporation that can be a collaborator as well as an executor of your vision. Consider these seven factors while selecting your prospective software development partner.


10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Software Developers UK

  • Have they worked on similar projects before?
  • Have they already worked with clients from this location?
  • What Is the Price of an App?
  • How Is the Project Going to Be Managed?
  • What Is Their Standard Process And Timeline Like?
  • What kind of technical expertise and skills do they have on their team?
  • What Happens After the Application Is Released?
  • How will my application be tested, and how will bugs/issues be tracked?
  • When the application is finished, who will own the source code?
  • Can they provide references from previous customers?

Cost of Software Development Companies in the UK

Software development costs are difficult to estimate, as they are with any custom project. No two development projects are alike, and the exact needs, development procedures needed, and obstacles to solve for each unique project may all influence the price you spend.


Because of the difficulties involved in developing custom software, most firms opt to either engage an inside specialist or outsource to an agency or freelancer. Indeed, attempting to design custom software if you have never done it before is not recommended.


In general, the cost of a development project will be determined by the number of hours of consulting and development work necessary. Because software development is such a highly skilled and specialized career, hourly fees may range from £30-50 at the low end to hundreds of pounds per hour for specialists in esoteric or obscure systems and programming languages.


A totally customized software program created from the bottom up necessitates a large investment, but you will get a personalized solution for your business's demands. Expect to spend at least £5,000 for a straightforward solution. Again, when the application requires more advanced solutions or is linked with existing systems, the price will rise.


How Many Software Firms Exist in the UK?

According to House statistics, a total of 10,016 software development and programming enterprises were established in the UK for the first time in 2017, representing a 59% increase over the 6,300 companies established in 2016.


Furthermore, although London continues to dominate the tech sector, hosting more than 40% of the industry's startups last year, it is far from the only place in the UK where entrepreneurs have been active.


Why Hire Software Development Companies In the UK?

Here are some further reasons why you might consider employing software businesses in UK:


Utilize their expertise in the world's top industries: Given the city's importance on the global financial, publishing, and advertising scenes, the top software businesses in New York will have developed extensive knowledge in these areas, as well as many others.


Reach out to your local audience: To reach your New York-based audience, partner with a provider that understands your local ecosystem, market, and competition. Is there a greater business partner than the local developers themselves?


Outperform the competition: Whether your target market is local or worldwide, you'll need competent specialists to keep you one step ahead of the competition. Custom software development firms in NYC have access to premium tools and cutting-edge technology, allowing them to provide cutting-edge solutions. Working with them will provide you with access to these resources, allowing you to compete with both local and worldwide businesses.


Expect to meet some of the industry's top professionals who are eager to take on any issue you throw their way.


After all, the local IT industry's strong rivalry and ecology would not allow for anything less.


Who Should Outsource Software Development to the UK?

Outsourcing services are in strong demand in Western Europe, with total outsourcing market costs reaching $13.9 billion in 2019. In contrast, North American firms spent around $21.6 billion over the same time period.


The United Kingdom is Western Europe's outsourcing hub for IT and software development. The UK software industry is expected to be worth $30.3 billion by the end of 2021, up from $27.2 billion in 2018. Simultaneously, the country's IT infrastructure outsourcing business is expected to increase to $14.9 billion in 2021, up from $13.5 billion in 2018.


As you can see, IT outsourcing is a major sector in the United Kingdom. The primary causes behind this are as follows:


IT specialists are in high demand. One of the most in-demand careers in the UK is that of a software developer (with over 10,000 vacancies in April 2021 alone). Despite the fact that many local experts are on the bench, there just aren't enough individuals to fill all of the roles.

In-house teams are expensive. For 70% of businesses, the key motive for outsourcing is to save money. You may save money on salary, training, software licensing, hardware, and office rent if you employ a software development team.

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