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Big Data Analytics

Top Big Data Companies in United States - Best Data Analytics Agencies

Businesses globally are looking for various ways of expanding and increasing revenues. And for that, constant study and research is required. One such way is understanding and analysis of Big Data. As evident from the name, Big Data is nothing but a huge collection of data, which is increasing by leaps and bounds every day. Not only is the data voluminous, but it is also complex as well. General data management tools are not able to store and process such data. This is where Big Data and analytics come into the picture. You can look for the best Big Data agencies in USA, where huge data is analyzed and sorted so that businesses can make better strategies and plans. At Companies List, we have a list of the top Big Data services in USA. 

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SplashBI Inc (Enterprise Analytics Solutions Provider)
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SplashBI Inc is an enterprise analytics solutions provider company based out of USA with offices in India. Our flagship product splashbi is used by many mid-sized to fortune 500 enterprises. Our other products include -  SplashOC SplashHR SplashEBS  

  • $50 - $99
  • 250 - 999
  • 2015
  • Atlanta, United States

Businesses Gaining from Big Data Processing and Analysis

Many businesses today seek help from the best Big Data agencies in USA for various benefits:

  1. Early and quick identification of any kind of risk associated to products/services of the business. Data analysis rings an alert bell for any kind of risk and makes the business vigilant. 
  2. It is possible to fine-tune business strategies with the help of Big Data and analytics. Outside data and intelligence can be utilized effectively by businesses while taking any kind of crucial decision. 
  3. With proper analysis of Big Data, the operational efficiency of any business/organization is bound to improve significantly. Data that is not required can be moved away, making work simpler and easier. 
  4. Customer satisfaction is the main target for any business now. Big Data Technologies are replacing old and traditional customer support and feedback systems. Customer feedback and responses are being evaluated and analyzed brilliantly with Data services. 

Explore our extensive list of top Big Data services in USA at Companies List, and you are sure to find the best solution for your Data Service requirements.


Big data is the set of technologies created to store, analyse and manage this bulk data, a macro-tool created to identify patterns in the chaos of this explosion in information in order to design smart solutions.

Big data is a collection of data from many different sources and is often describe by five characteristics: volume, value, variety, velocity, and veracity.