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Software Development

Top Software Development Companies in Atlanta

Looking for the top software development company in Atlanta? Here is the list of the best software development firms in Atlanta with genuine client reviews. Atlanta is one of the most developed cities having a boom in the IT sector, there are large numbers of players in the software domain in Atlanta. So it is a difficult task to find the best software development company to handle the software projects. To make it easy, the service seekers can check the list curated by the Companies List, we have created the best list of companies after thorough research and analysis, we have ranked companies based on their working skills performance, and cost-effectiveness. Going through this list you can save most of your time along with finding the best company for your project.

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List of Companies

Specbee Consulting Services (Drupal Development Company | Achieve Your Digital Ambitions)
Review | 0 Video Review

We at Specbee Consulting Services, build innovative and customized Drupal websites. As a top Drupal development company, we offer services ranging from Drupal CMS web design, theme module design to customization and integration of modules.

  • NA
  • 50 - 249
  • 2005
  • Atlanta, United States
Adplorer (Your Local Marketing Solution)
Review | 0 Video Review

Adplorer’s marketing software is the world’s first all-inclusive digital marketing automation platform built specifically to help you manage local marketing campaigns. 

  • $100 - $149
  • 10 - 49
  • 2008
  • Atlanta, United States
Digital Scientists (An Experience Lab)
Review | 0 Video Review

At Digital Scientists, we are driven to transform the way people think about product design and development. Born in the heart of the Atlanta metro area, we help companies of all sizes – from small startups to unicorns – build and launch new products and features by leveraging a fast, disciplined product design & development team. As a certified Google Cloud Partner with experti...

  • $150 - $199
  • 10 - 49
  • 2007
  • Atlanta, United States
HatchWorks Technologies (We Build So You Break Through)
Review | 0 Video Review

HatchWorks Technologies is your product partner for data-driven software solutions.  We arm your business with people-centered data enablement products to maximize your ROI, increase operational efficiencies, and build for the future. Industry leaders partner with us for modern product innovations that deliver exceptional customer experiences and connect you to your customers.  ...

  • $100 - $149
  • 50 - 249
  • 2016
  • Atlanta, United States
MobiDev (Mobile&Web. Machine learning. IoT. AR.)
Review | 0 Video Review

MobiDev provides custom software development.   Main areas of expertise: ➤ Web development ➤ Mobile development (iOS/Android and cross-platform) ➤ Augmented Reality ➤ IoT & Hardware Integration ➤ Artificial Intelligence. Data Science & Machine Learning ➤ Microservices & Cloud infrastructure   Our services won the recognition of the world's la...

  • $25 - $49
  • 250 - 999
  • 2009
  • Atlanta, United States

What Is Unique About Custom Software Development Companies In Atlanta?

Atlanta is renowned as the "City in a Forest" because to the over 100,000 shade trees planted and donated by the non-profit 'Trees Atlanta.' According to the National Forest Service, Atlanta is "the most densely forested metropolitan zone in the nation," with woods covering 47.9 percent of the city.


Atlanta is internationally recognized for its contributions to the arts, music, and popular cinema. Not only has Atlanta's illustrious history molded our city, but it has also shaped our nation.


Agriculture, technology, tourism, forestry, and education are among a few of the region's significant industries. (Livability)


As a consequence, unlike their counterparts in the United States software companies, Atlanta-based custom software development organizations thrive on building software solutions, particularly for locally dominating industries.


What Does Software Companies Atlanta Do?

Businesses in Atlanta that specialize in custom software development provide the following services:


They specialize in mobile application development.

After a single-use, the majority of users remove mobile apps. This implies that the app design for your firm must be really distinctive, captivating users and luring them back long after they've downloaded it.


Atlanta-based software companies have an instinctive understanding of the technical fundamentals required to keep an application functioning at peak efficiency.


They have a simple user interface yet are highly useful and productive.


They are in charge of intranet design.

Intranet is a term that refers to a secure website that is only accessible to members of your team. It manages the backend of your front-facing platform, giving you access to crucial features and components that enable you to exert control over your online experience.


These are developed by Atlanta custom software development companies to aid businesses in simplifying processes and building a more efficient corporate operating procedure.


They establish confidence in a business's management structure and propel it forward toward future growth and success.


Their websites are designed and developed with the end-user in mind.

Web designers collaborate with Atlanta-based software companies to create high-performance websites that are customized for businesses and their target clients.


They are involved in a number of different processes, including the following:


doing market and competitive research

Concepts are developed in response to consumer requirements.

Creating a database

We design graphics, photographs, and short videos.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a term that refers to the practice of increasing a website's visibility in search engines.

Consumer-centric design by these pros results in a straightforward user experience that engages and converts visitors to paying consumers.


They continue to assist.

After a product is out, Atlanta software companies maintain it. They monitor software performance and are prepared to resolve faults, defects, and downtimes, ensuring that the program operates at peak efficiency at all times. Additionally, Atlanta software engineers understand the importance of building your brand as you gain skill and assume new tasks. As a result, the capabilities of your program will need to change and adapt.


These industry leaders will monitor the performance and operation of your program to ensure that future scalability and growth are achievable.


They get the benefits of ongoing testing.

Your website, application, or management system must undergo extensive testing prior to coming live.


Inconsistencies in the coding language may be discovered during this inspection. Additionally, it may disclose system flaws that might have a negative impact on your business in the future.


At each level of development, the best Atlanta custom software development firms will test your system. As your product progresses from concept to launch, this testing enables them to zero in on certain aspects.


To provide excellent brand experiences, quality assurance testing is necessary. Additionally, it ensures that the business's activities run smoothly and effectively.


Testing is a necessary evil. This is a technique that every reputable development organization would use.


How Much Does Custom Software Developers Atlanta Cost?

Atlanta software development firms charge hourly charges and provide time estimates for their projects.


As a result, your agency will cost you based on the number of hours they spend working on your project.


The cost varies per organization, but it typically runs from $20 and $150 per hour.


The following variables will influence the price:


  • The project's difficulty
  • The scope of the project
  • The number of developers that are involved

Why Hire Software Development Companies In Atlanta?

1. Dependable in large-scale endeavors and new projects

A software development business may be capable of supervising the whole process of software development. They may be able to provide guidance, business analysis, and an assessment of the company's fundamental beliefs. These stages are critical to the brand's development. The process involves developers, quality assurance engineers, designers, and business analysts from a range of industries. Rather to be a generalist, each industry expert specializes in a particularly critical function.


A software development business delegated work to an expert who completed it on schedule and to the delight of the client. The company is responsible for appointing a project manager, supervising activities, and communicating with the customer.


Unlike a freelance developer, a software development business may be able to oversee the whole of your project.


2. Management of projects

A software development business is responsible for maintaining the code for your project and communicating with the internal team. By using a development company rather than a freelance developer, the product development process is streamlined. Business analysts collect and evaluate client requirements, provide suggestions, create technical documentation, and define the project's scope of work.


Monthly meetings are conducted in the software development industry to keep everyone informed about the project's progress and to avoid misunderstandings. Additionally, a project manager is liable for providing excellent customer service and meeting deadlines. Hiring a chief technology officer or project manager to address these issues is superfluous since the agency will be responsible for project oversight. Customers and developers turn to these industry pioneers for assistance.


3. Recent Technological Advances and Trends

To remain competitive, each firm invests in cutting-edge technology and creates processes and standards for your project. The company's strategy and reaction times are always being improved. They stay current on evolving technology, software, and programming languages. As a result, they can provide cutting-edge goods and services.


4. Dependence on others and scalability

You may scale your team up or down as required due to the software development company's agility and ability to provide highly experienced individuals. You may pick a flexible model and communicate with the project manager at any time via a collaboration with a software development business.


On the other hand, independent software developers' adaptability is growing. As a result, you are utterly alone. Even with additional assistance, the surgery may take some time.


5. Capacity

Access to information is another benefit of employing a software development business over a freelancer. The recruiting process for a software development company includes hiring designers, developers, managers, and quality assurance professionals, among others. The developers provide a wealth of experience to a variety of responsibilities. Almost often, they have a competent specialist on hand to deal with any emergency.


Consider that while hiring a software development business, some specialise in eCommerce, artificial intelligence, and blockchain projects. As a result, they are familiar with your needs as well as current trends. Additionally, customers have the option of selecting the most suitable technology.


How To Choose The Best Software Development Company In Atlanta For Your Business

Businesses specialising in custom development in Atlanta may be able to assist you. They've worked for decades at a global innovation centre for information technology.


While the most, if not all, of these organisations are capable of responding to nearly any request, you should still do your own research.


Fees charged by an Atlanta-based business are likely to be higher than average; thus, confirm them.


Consider the following before making a choice:


Effective communication is important to any endeavor's success. That is why you want a partner that is adept at establishing channels of communication, establishing points of contact, and successfully managing time. The firm you pick should keep you updated throughout the process, from concept to launch. Successful projects need an organization's competence to manage information efficiently.


Portfolios and case studies of Atlanta software developers highlight their prior success, ability to create one-of-a-kind solutions, and capacity to meet company objectives. They will demonstrate if these professionals have worked on comparable projects and are familiar with your sector.


Reviews: Finding the ideal partner entails more than expertise; it entails reliability as well. Examining their assessments is the most dependable technique to establish their reliability. By using these agencies, we may show their ease of dealing with them, as well as their transparency and responsiveness.


12 Questions To Ask Custom Software Development Companies In Atlanta Before You Make Your Choice

1. How do you anticipate the duration of projects?

2. What is your definition of the first phase of a project?

3. Describe your project management style in three terms.

4. Is any work performed by independent contractors?

5. How many developers do you employ on a full-time basis?

6. Are any other enhancements planned?

7. Will there be a centralized contact point?

8. What about rights to intellectual property?

9. How effective were previous attempts?

10. What happens if conditions change?

11. What are their preferred development approaches and why do they favor them? Which project management systems do they use, and why?

12. When calling references, make an attempt to learn about them beyond what their website or personnel can provide. Inquire about their perceptions of the ease, quality, dedication, organization, and communication of collaboration


Takeaways: Who Should Consider Custom Software Development companies Atlanta?


Businesses seeking to develop high-end mobile, web, or other highly specialized solutions for a number of industries ranging from medical to entertainment may turn to Atlanta software firms.


They provide a range of services, including the following:

  • Development of mobile apps
  • Establishing internets
  • Creating designs that are visible from the front
  • Testing solutions for product maintenance


To choose the appropriate partner for your project, take these steps:

  • Consider their prior work.
  • Take note of their responses.
  • Consider communication.

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