Why are the top benefits of choosing Python for Mobile App Development?

Why are the top benefits of choosing Python for Mobile App Development?
Mar 26, 2021

Before creating any software or mobile apps, the first thing that comes to the developer's mind is what programming language is best for the app? There are numerous programming languages available that developers can use to create mobile apps. 

So, among numerous programming languages, here in this article, we will through light on the significance of Python in mobile app development companies.

These days, Python is getting a popular programming language. According to the report by Statista, Python remains the most popular programming language in 2020, according to GitHub and Google Trends, surpassing longstanding Java and JavaScript in popularity. One of the best apps created with Python's help is 'Dropbox.' The application has approximately 500 million users worldwide. Some of the other popular apps created by Python are  Calibre, OpenStack, Ubuntu Software Center, BitTorrent, Quora, Instagram, Spotify, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and many more. 

Why Python the best programming language?

Python app development allows a convenient and readable syntax for its users. It let you code the same language with the provision of fewer lines as its implementation and interpretation are simple. It is also utilized as a glue language or scripting to connect languages that already exist together. 

Most of the developers go with the python programming language as it is reliable and simple. It also enhances the modularity of program and code reuse by supporting packages and modules. 

Some of the other benefits of the python app development framework:

* Free of cost

Python is known as an open-source language. There is no requirement for a subscription or any other custom-build platform to use the language. 

Moreover, the tools and modules that are essential for Python's coding are free. The integrated development environment inclusive of PTVS (Python Tools for Visual Studio) can be download for free. 

* Data analysis

When it's about real-time applications, the different freely powerful libraries play an essential role. Python is used to receive critical data that is stored locally or in the database for analysis. 

* Real-time software compatibility

Python has easy readability and syntax, and for this reason, it can be embedded into the real-time system as the recommended programming language. The software codes are in Python and not in C++. 

* Extensive libraries

Python has extensive libraries for expressions, unit testing, threading, web browser, documentation-generation, image manipulation, email, database, and several other functionalities. It includes string operations, web service, operating system interface, internet, and protocols. This type of exposure helps developers to broaden their knowledge and productivity.

* Easy to embed

Some of Python's code can be written in other languages such as C++. This feature allows integration scripting capabilities in the program of several languages.

* User-friendly data structure

The data structure is considered as the foundation of the app as it contains essential information. Python creates a fast run time data in-built data structure. Moreover, it provides dynamic high-level data typing that lessens the length of required support code.

* High-level language

With Python, language programs don't need to remember the system architecture.

* Portable language

If a developer uses python code on the Android machine, then he doesn't need to write the same code on the Mac. One code is enough to run on multiple platforms. You don't need to write different codes for different platforms. 

Hence, python act as a portable programming language, and numerous enterprises prefer to hire a python developer to create a mobile app. 

* Budget-friendly

If you want to create a mobile app on a minimum budget, we recommend choosing Python as a programming language for your app. Python 

Why should you choose Python for mobile app development?

Numerous leading mobile apps have been created with the python programming language. These apps have countless exciting features and allow easy user-interface. So, no wonder you must choose Python as your programming language for creating mobile apps. Here is a list of significant apps created with Python:

Instagram: Instagram is the most popular app with 400 million users.

Dropbox: Dropbox is another popular app that provides users with a platform to share and save documents and other data.

Uber: Uber is a car-hailing service app with an easy interface and works according to consumers' requirements.

Spotify: Spotify is one of the popular apps used to listen to music and is widely used worldwide. 

Final words

I hope this article will let you understand why you should choose Python as your programming language for mobile app development. If you have any queries regarding mobile app development, contact us. 

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