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PDF Scanner Apps: Scan Wherever You are!

Apr 12, 2022
PDF Scanner Apps: Scan Wherever You are!

PDF Scanner Apps: Scan Wherever You are!

Mobile apps have made our lives quite easy. Scanning documents was difficult but not anymore due to scanning with iOS or Android scanners that are able to scan any kind of document to PDF quickly and easily.

The software comes with numerous advantages that allow you to manage your PDF documents. It allows you to scan notes, receipts and business cards to convert these into PDFs. It can also allow you to save and share PDFs using cloud services. It also allows you to transfer files to computers via Wi-Fi.

A free PDF scanner App available for iPhone and iPad

  1. QuickScan App

Quickscan is the first revolutionary document scanner designed for iPhones and iPad. iPhone as well as the iPad. It is widely used for its ability to converse fluently in various languages too. It assists in capturing documents online and reduces the need for paper.

QuickScan is among the best document scanner apps available on the AppStore that comes with a variety of powerful functions. It is able to detect edges, automatically process images, remove shadows, adjust the contrast of the scans, and can adjust the white balance.

Scanning prints clean, crisp, and clear, and is suitable to print at any time regardless of the resolution.

  • One can scan any object

Convert receipts, notes and sketches photographs, music notes recipes, contracts, invoices, bills and ID cards, and other documents into digital copies

  • Saves Scans in different formats

The scan can be converted into JPEG, PDF JPEG as well as PNG formats for easy use by the user.

Effectively scans documents with multiple pages

  • Share Your Scans

Send scans via email, iCloud, Evernote, Dropbox, Google docs with OCR One Note, Box, and OCR

  • Additional features
  • Passwords to protect sensitive files
  • Sort scans into separate folders for easy storage and archive. Sorts by name and date.
  • Merge, Rename, delete files
  • OCR PDF conversion into editable text documents
  • Annotation, e-signatures, stamps, and e-sign allowance

QuickScan allows in-app purchases to allow users to gain access to additional features such as the ability to eliminate watermarks, run full-text searches and even allow password protection.


  1. Scanner Pro

For iOS customers, Scanner Pro is an outstanding, full-featured document scanner. It allows you to scan documents using an iPhone or iPad and send or export, save or upload them onto Dropbox, Google Drive, OneNote, iCloud Drive, and other WebDAV-enabled online storage solutions.

The application utilizes advanced image processing technology for automatic corrections, provides signatures and colors and can recognize more than 25 languages with OCR, and lets you print and send documents to fax.

You can utilize iCloud sync to connect to your things across all devices. You can access your documents across all Apple devices, add password protection for PDFs and edit, save and undo changes if required, and also upload your images easily. It allows for automatic uploads to cloud storage services and is extremely easy to use.

Another Scanner to PDF app for Android

  1. Genius Scan

Genius Scan is another great scanning alternative to Android or iOS users. It doesn't require tapping any button to take a picture of the image; the application does it automatically. This lets you effortlessly scan your documents using Android as well as iOS. Once you've taken a picture of the document, contract or even a notepad, you are able to export it to a JPEG or PDF file with multiple pages. The application uses a clever page detection feature to adjust the perspective and enhance photos for you.

If you have to scan large documents that have several pages, you may utilize the bulk scanning function. Other amazing features include batch import of images, sharing through email or other social applications and password protection, document management, and search capabilities that are useful.

Upgrade into a premium version Genius Scan+. Genius Scan+ to integrate with cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive OneDrive, and Box.

  1. Camscanner

Another fantastic app that's available on smartphones is CamScanner. This application lets you save your receipts and notes, business cards, and many other documents like whiteboard discussions. Much like Microsoft Lens, CamScanner uses OCR to remove text from your images. The application also offers intelligent cropping and automatic enhancement features that help to clear the text and images to give them a better quality and clarity.

Other options include sharing via social media or email in the form of pdf, Word, JPEG, or TXT file advanced editing of annotations, passcode security, cross-platform syncing, as well as the ability to search for keywords. It also has a range of integrated tools, such as a PDF conversion to Word converter, PDF to Excel converter, and the QR code scanner among others.

Scanner App Benefits

The document imaging market is projected to grow by a compound annual rate of 13.8 percent in the period between 2017-2025. The market will reach $153.05 billion, according to a report from Transparency Market Research.

As more companies integrate tablets and smartphones into their workflows using scanners, having an app for these devices is vital.

With a scanner application for iOS and Android installed you will be able to reach the majority of mobile users.

  • Make it easier to organize and eliminate manual procedures with a scanner app available for iOS.
  • Using a mobile scanner app gives your employees the ability to be more organized, and also to reduce lengthy manual tasks.
  • A scanner app for iOS and Android that uses optical character recognition (OCR) for your phone can capture data on everything from documents to business cards, a presentation as well as receipts and other documents.
  • A digital copy of the document that you scan using a scanner application allows you to save the information and use it as integral to an automation system that helps be more organised.
  • This helps eliminate manual processes and makes information available at any time of the day or night.

Signing Documents using the Scanner Application

When you need to sign documents in person the latest technology in scan apps lets you sign deals without the need to send hard copies to and from.

Adobe and QuickScan have collaborated to create eSignatures more accessible and have a number of other options available.


The top document scanning applications allow you to make it easy and simple to save your documents in digital PDFs using just the mobile device.

In the present day there is a rare occasion when physical paper documents a necessity. The top document scanning applications can assist you in transitioning into a paperless workplace, making documents PDF to store documents digitally. online storage of documents

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