Custom-built Website vs. WordPress eCommerce Website

Mar 9, 2021
Custom-built Website vs. WordPress eCommerce Website

What’s an eCommerce website?

eCommerce website is simply- a website that you use to sell your companies products and services. In today’s world, nearly every company that’s in the selling niche owns an eCommerce website, that helps the business grow and get better. 

Nowadays, there are many successful eCommerce websites. For instance, check out AliExpress. It is one of the top electronic commerce websites, and its popularity and success are still growing to this day. 

Having an online website is great for getting your business on the very next level and to process the plan to promote your business and help it grow as well. 

Every company owner dreams of having a successful business and to be well-known with a great reputation. 

This is one of the ways to start that long journey of success!


The starting point

Your business is something that represents you in a way. You managed to get your company this far, but now you want to take it next-level. There’s only one problem- you’re not quite sure where to start from. 

With companies that are into selling products and offering services, an eCommerce website is something that will be of great use. 

The company will have tons of benefits when it comes to online selling. But, to find out more, you need to dive deeper into the article. 


There are two main kinds of eCommerce websites:

Custom-built eCommerce website

WordPress themes eCommerce website


Custom-built eCommerce website

When it comes to custom-built websites, you’ll need to have yours developed from scratch. This means the end result will be exactly the way you imagined it. 

There are lots of reasons why you’d opt for a custom-built eCommerce website, but there are also few reasons why you wouldn’t. 

Reasons to develop a custom-built eCommerce website

  • SEO- friendly 

Custom-built websites in general are search engine optimized. This applies to custom-built eCommerce websites as well. SEO isn’t just about writing the correct keywords and using them in the right places. It goes all the way into the code of the website, and browsers need to recognize the code and display your website better. Always take the help of an SEO consulting firm to build a good site.


  • Being different than the rest

By getting a custom-built website you will get a unique site, just the way you imagined it to be. There will be no other website like yours and that will make you stand out from the crowd. By making yourself different, you’re creating bigger chances of success. 


  • Raise the website and the company together

Your company grew till the moment you’ve decided to get an eCommerce website to upgrade it, and it will continue growing afterward. If you have ideas for the companies looks and future services or products, the developer will be able to add some specific functions that will help you later on. 


  • Always have a development team to support you

Custom websites are developed by development companies or freelance developers. Either way, if you need help with your site, or you simply need a website update or maintenance, you’ll always have the developer by your side. 


Cons of custom-built eCommerce website

  • Time-consuming

Usually, the process of building an eCommerce website is around 6 - 8 weeks, sometimes even longer. Considering that your future eCommerce website will have everything built from scratch, the development period is justified. But if you want a website that will look exactly the way you want it to look, time won’t be your problem at all. 


  • More expensive 

Building a website can be quite expensive. There are great differences between cheaper and more expensive websites, but depending on the complexity of the app, the price may vary greatly. For example, having a 1.000$ website is not the same as having a 10.000$ one..


WordPress eCommerce website

WordPress is a great platform when it comes to developing different kinds of websites. It allows you to choose a template that suits you and your company the most. The best thing- you don’t have to get into coding to get your site!


Pros of having a WordPress eCommerce website

  • Less time consuming

With templates already done, the development process is cut short. You only need to choose your preferred WordPress template, make a few changes, adapt it a little bit, and before you know it- you’re all done!

  • Cheaper 

There are WordPress templates that are free, but if you want a specific one, with more functions, you need to pay. When it comes to an eCommerce website, you want to really get the right template. Either way, the money that you’ll spend is not nearly as much as the money you’d spend on a custom-built website. 


Reasons to avoid WordPress templates

  • Not SEO friendly 

WordPress templates are premade, and usually, they aren’t optimized. The only optimization on those pages is via using the right content and keywords. When it comes to eCommerce, you don’t want to pick a site that is not search engine optimized.

  • Lack of a development team

When it comes to templates, you won’t have anyone nearby to help you when it comes to bugs, defects, and certain adaptations of the page. With WordPress, you’re on your own. You might want to search for some youtube videos- that can be of great help. 



eCommerce is on the rise lately. Having an eCommerce website can be a great deal for you and your company, and it may even make your business bloom instantly. You need to be careful when choosing between a custom made eCommerce website and a WordPress template. Sometimes,  waiting a little longer and paying a little bit more can turn out to be a better choice. As with anything, do your research first, find out what suits your needs better, and go for it, because everyone is different!


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