12 Simple Advice To Enhance Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

12 Simple Advice To Enhance Your Instagram Marketing Strategy
May 25, 2021

It is essential for every business to stay in an active social media network. Without Instagram, there is no complete online marketing strategy. Instagram becomes an effective platform for advertisers, consumers, and brands alike. 

Instagram contains over 800 million active users every month and 500 million active profiles every day. If you need to grab real money and drive more sales on Instagram, you want to have a perfect strategy. 

This article helps you with the 12 simple pieces of advice to grow your marketing strategy on Instagram. Let's start.

Increase The Following Count

Developing your follower count is the first step to bring an effective marketing strategy to the platform. It is very tough to get more sales without followers. Brands or businesses have customers already, so it is easy for them to catch followers within a short span. 

Most users on the platform say that they are following brands because they are interested in the brand's product and services. Tell your existing customers about your Instagram profile, and ask them to follow you. 

Once you have got more followers, then it is easy to bring more sales with your marketing strategy on Instagram.

Upload Content Regularly

If you only post an image or video per month doesn't seem to be an active profile. If you need to develop your brand, you want to post content regularly to keep your followers fresh. And also, you don't need to upload an excess of posts; stick with the center point.

You can post once a day and if you have more contents to share, try it with Instagram stories. And also, analyze when your fans are active to get your content. Pick the right time to post content so that you can get more engagements and reach quickly.

Go Live

Most users on the platform love the Go Live feature, and brands utilizing it to their extreme advantage. It helps you to connect with your fans in a real manner. It's an effective way to answer your fans' questions lively, and it builds your brand trust. 

You can also work this feature by joining hands with another brand. You can establish your brand in other live broadcasts to advertise your brand. Through this, you can catch new fans, increase your fan count, and drive more sales.

Add Videos And Images To Your Instagram Story

As said before, your Instagram story is a perfect spot to upload daily content. You can upload as many posts as possible because it won't affect your timeline. And also, it doesn't mean you can upload more than 20 images or video content every day because users won't catch every post. So, it is a waste of your resource and time.

Keep in mind that Instagram stories appear only for 24 hours. So it is crucial to get as many views as possible to facilitate brand promotion. Revealing exciting offers, discounts, contests, and giveaways can help skyrocket Instagram story views to captivate new audiences and increase more followers for your account. Most brands on Instagram posted such content and have gained more sales through implementing this strategy.

Join Hands With Influencers

It is a great tactic to join hands with influencers online. According to a study, most brands on the platform are satisfied with their influencer marketing strategy with excellent results. It is mainly due to the followers' trust in influencers. 

Most users follow the recommendations provided by small influencers. And most consumers trust that every influencer is knowledgeable. To drive more sales, you want to choose the right influencer. Instagram stands as the primary network for every influencer all over the world. 

Give Hashtags In Your Captions

Instagram captions are more crucial than the image or video content you upload on the platform. Hashtags are an essential thing, and it has various approaches to use this. 

You can also use the existing hashtag if you are a bud to hashtag strategy to get more views. Another attempt is making a new hashtag of your own. And it should be brand specific.

Cheer UGC

UGC is abbreviated as User Generated Content. It cheers the platform users to share your images, video contents, or stories to their personal Instagram profiles so that you can acquire more fans through getting followers of your user who shared your post.

It's an effective method of promotion on Instagram. The perfect way to utilize the UGC is to share audience images on your Instagram profile. 

Utilize Targeted Ads

How do you reach Instagram users who don't follow you? Some strategies like running contests, location tagging, and joining hands with influencers could accomplish this. And also, these strategies won't showcase your brand but running targeted ads will achieve this.

Instagram is owned by Facebook so that you can work on your ads similarly on both platforms. Also, you could use parameters like location, gender, and age to pick audiences for your ad. You could also target your audience through their interests.

Use Swipe Up Factor

It's a game-changer feature for many businesses. Most people find trouble navigating audiences to a landing page from a particular link. You can upload content by saying in captions that you can click the link in bio to get more info. But this factor fails several times.

A significant swipe-up factor solves this issue. Now, you could use Instagram stories to get more traffic directly to your websites, blog pages, wherever you want.

Upload Shoppable Contents

You could use shoppable content if you are an eCommerce brand. It allows you to sell services and products directly through Instagram. Everyone loves this factor because it grows in getting your new and current customers to purchase something. 

Now, you are redirecting your audience to your website to purchase. It could be from paid ads, direct navigation, or organic traffic. But people won't do it every day. So, bringing out a magnificent shoppable content image and a catching caption to get audiences to purchase your products.

Upload The Exact Product Twice Or More

If you upload content and never advertise it again, then users might forget it. Think how they act on the platform; they simply swipe over the contents. The very first time they get it, they might not have an exact reason to purchase it. But if users get them more than once, they can get interested in them. 

Try to be more creative the second time. Next week, you can run a contest for the product. A few weeks later, you could share video content of the exact product. It brings you more sales to your products. 

Reply To Every Messages And Feedbacks

It is a time-consuming process, but you want to respond to every comment of your Instagram followers. Through replying to your audience's comments develops their trustability towards your brand. It is a vital factor for you to answer any complaints about your brand. 

Use Stories To Showcase Your Products

You could use Instagram stories to sell your services or products the exact way you do with shoppable content. In late 2018, the platform introduced shopping factors in Instagram stories. You could use some texts over your story image to make it clickable. You can direct your users to the landing page through this wherever necessary. you can take the help of any good social media marketing agency.


If you need to improve your marketing strategy on Instagram, refer to these 12 simple pieces of advice to overcome it. All this advice enhances your presence on Instagram and boosts more sales at the end.